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AMVAC Chemical Corporation, develops, manufactures and markets effective agricultural and commercial products for crop protection, non-agricultural and public health applications. AMVAC’s product development capabilities include new product acquisition and/or licensing for U.S. domestic sales and worldwide product distribution. AMVAC operates four manufacturing facilities in the U.S. that provide flexible production of high-quality products with an excellent record of safety and regulatory compliance. AMVAC also maintains a very robust product registration function that has successfully maintained the intellectual property value of the company’s portfolio.

AMVAC serves a healthy, demand-driven global agricultural market.  From planting to harvest, AMVAC’s products help meet that critical need by providing effective and diverse crop enhancement products. In addition, AMVAC produces and markets products that protect public and animal health, safeguard property from damaging pests and enhance the quality of the environment where we live and work.

AMVAC is a lean, focused company comprised of some of the most talented, ambitious professionals in the industry. Executive, manufacturing and support staff, specialists and a national and international sales force dedicate their attention and energy to make AMVAC a dynamic and effective company.

AMVAC’s Specialties

Produces products to control insects and pests that threaten people’s health and comfort., Development with a commitment to health and safety with respect to the environment., Manufacture products to protect and manage crops as well as livestock. From fungicides to pesticides and everything in between, AMVAC has comprehensive solutions to pest problems.

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