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On utility areas, rangelands and other non-crop type lands, unwanted weeds and brush can grow and hinder an area and cause problems. It is in these cases that a herbicide such as tebuthiuron is necessary to put an end to the presence of brush and clear those invasive species that are invading lands where they are not wanted. 

Solutions Pest & Lawn has some great herbicide products which contain the active ingredient tebuthiuron and we regularly suggest this product to our customers who want to remove brush and woody stem plants and get good bare ground control.. On this page we will share with you background info about tebuthiuron, it’s mode of action and benefits. You can also access this page to shop our entire line of products which are based in tebuthiuron.

What is tebuthiuron?

Tebuthiuron is a relatively nonselective, soil activated herbicide that acts by inhibiting photosynthesis. It is used to control broadleaf and woody weeds, grasses and brush on feed crop sites (pasture and rangeland) and a variety of non-food crop sites including airports/landing fields, outdoor industrial areas, non-agricultural rights-of-way, fencerows, hedgerows, uncultivated areas/soils, and under paved roads and sidewalks in areas where no future landscaping is planned. Primary uses include rangeland and near railroads and other industrial facilities. 

Tebuthiuron was first registered as a pesticide in the U.S. in 1974. Single active ingredient formulations include granular, pelleted/tableted, wettable powder, water dispersible granules, and technical grade/solid products. Three multiple active ingredient formulations (granulars) also are registered. All formulations may be applied as broadcast, banded or spot treatments using ground equipment. The pelleted/tableted formulations also may be applied using aerial equipment.

How Does tebuthiuron Work?

The mode of action of tebuthiuron is that it inhibits photosysnthesis.tebuthiuron can be either a pre-emergent or post-emergent application. tebuthiuron products are usuall dependent upon rainfall to help move the product into the soil in which is then picked up by the root system of the plant and kills the entire plant that way.

When using tebuthiuron as a pre-emergent, it’s best to try to be very selective in the time of year that the product is applied. Depending on the type of weed or brush that you're trying to control, you want to try to put this part of down just prior to the seed germinating maybe a month or so before.

Browse our selection of tebuthiuron contained products below. For more information about tebuthiuron or other active ingredients in our herbicides, reach out to us with your questions at 800-479-6583 or email us at askapro@solutionsstores.com.

Popular Products In Stock Which Contain tebuthiuron

Tebuthiuron 20P Herbicide (Spike) - Tebuthiuron 20 P Herbicide (generic Spike) by Alligare LLC is fomulated as a water dispersible granule for pre-emergent and post-emergent control of woody plants and brush in non-crop areas, rangelands, permanent grass pastures, fencerows, rights-of-way, and clearings of wildlife habitats.


Tebuthiuron 80WG (Spike 80DF) - Tebuthiuron 80wg is the equivalent to Spike 80df herbicide from DowAgro. It is a granular herbicide for the control of brush and woody plants in rage, pasture and right of way sites. It is highly effective at controlling unwanted vegetation for up to 1 year with both pre and post emergent activity. The product translocates very easily.


Is Tebuthiuron Safe To Use?

Pesticide handlers (mixers, loaders and applicators) may be exposed to tebuthiuron during normal mixing and loading operations, to mists during spray applications, and to dusts during application of solid formulations. This exposure is by inhalation and to the skin. However, tebuthiuron is of sufficiently low toxicity that exposure monitoring data are not required. The potential for post-application exposure is low due to the nature of the registered use sites. Again, since the pesticide is of relatively low toxicity, post-application/reentry data are not required.


When using products containing tebuthiuron it is imperative to wear the proper clothing, which you can find out by checking the product label. Tebuthiuron is considered "slightly toxic" if ingested, inhaled, or absorbed through the skin.  Handlers of the product are at risk for these kinds of exposures during mixing, loading, and spraying if the proper PPE (personal protective equipment) is not worn.

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