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How To Get Rid Of Zoysia Grass


Every homeowner out there who fancies their garden has a common enemy, the notorious zoysia grass! This is probably one of the most annoying creeping grasses that people have to deal with as it refuses to go down without a heavy fight. However at the same time there are many people out there who actually plant zoysia weeds in their garden due to its unique aesthetic facet.

These people are blessed with green thumbs and can actually use zoysia grass to compliment their landscape! However not all of us are blessed with such talent and removing zoysia grass is sometimes a more viable option. Due to the persistent nature of this grass, it can be very difficult getting rid of them from your gardens.  Rest assured with a few our tips and the right attitude; we will overcome zoysia grass together.  

To defeat the enemy, you must befriend the enemy! This especially applies to zoysia grass as you will need to understand this weed before you can effectively kill it. This is exactly why we have mentioned a little information about zoysia grass below,

About zoysia grass

Zoysia grass can survive in any climate that has stable climate variations; this means zoysia grass cannot survive in areas where the temperature fluctuates. This grass cannot tolerate even nominal variations in temperature, which is exactly why most homeowner prefer not having zoysia grass in their gardens.  This grass does not grow at an expedited rate and grows in patches, which ruins the aesthetic facet of any landscape.  This grass requires less fertilization and is very resistant to insect or pesticide damage! Once they have fully grown they create a dense layer of grass and even induce the growth of moulds on adjacent structures. Rest assured we will help you restore your garden back to its former self!

Different methods to get rid of zoysia grass - for good!

Given below are tested methods of getting rid of zoysia grass and can be performed by anyone.

  1. Cut out the weed

The very first method of killing zoysia grass is wearing your gardening gloves and equipping yourself with the most deadly clippers out there. No matter how persistent the grass is, it cannot survive if you rip it out from its roots. Simply cut through each strain of weed and make sure that you uproot any remaining strains or the zoysia grass will grow back again! We understand that this is back breaking work, but fight through the pain if you want to keep your landscape up to the mark.  

Once you have cut the strands the next step is to use a gardening fork to pull one end of the strip and roll it towards the side. Repeat this process multiple times in order to completely eliminate the zoysia! Please remember to inspect your garden to make sure there are no straggling remains left or the grass will start to grow back. We would recommend checking your garden on a daily basis to make sure that this grass is slowly not creeping back into your garden and your life.

  1. Use chemicals to your advantage

The second method of killing or getting rid of zoysia grass is using chemicals that are readily available at your local horticulture stores. You can easily purchase a non selective herbicide that is formulated using Glyphosate which  kills zoysia grass! Please make sure you read the label or you might end up with a chemical that kills of your plantations. Once you are sure that you have the right chemicals, simply point and start spraying like your life depends on it. You will notice that the grass will start to shrivel and die. Furthermore, these chemicals will help prevent a future infestation. Rest assured you can easily find a chemical spray that encompasses your budget and will effectively kill the zoysia grass present in your garden.

  1. Kill the grass with darkness  

Just like any other plant, even zoysia grass requires a substantial amount of sunlight to survive. If you want to kill the grass without any effort, simply cover the entire surface area using an organic cover. Leave the cover on for a couple of days and simply move the cover once you are sure that the grass is dead. We would recommend using a cutter to make sure that the grass does not grow back again.  You can also use newspaper to create an effective shade over the grass, please just make sure that there is no space between the newspaper in order to create a effective cover over the affected grass.  

How to prevent a zoysia grass infestation

Prevention is the best cure; this especially applies to zoysia grass as it can be very stubborn! Not every homeowner has the time or patience to deal with zoysia grass, which is exactly why it is imperative that every homeowner takes certain steps to make sure that their garden is never infested with zoysia grass. This is exactly why we have articulated a list of tips that will help every homeowner get rid of zoysia grass for good, these tips are as follows

  • Regularly spray your garden with chemicals that are designed to kill zoysia grass

  • Keep your grass trimmed and well maintained

  • If you have zoysia grass growing anywhere, make sure you construct boundaries

  • Regularly mow your lawn

  • Regularly rake your lawn

  • Request for a professional to periodically inspect your garden  


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