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Solutions Pest and Lawn Affiliate Program

Are you an industry expert who has a website or blog with a sizable following? Do people frequent your articles where you share your pest control wisdom? Then you would certainly benefit by joining the Solutions Pest and Lawn Affiliate program! The Solutions Pest and Lawn Affiliate program is a mutually beneficial program where you earn money by posting our links, banners and ads to your webpage!

As a trusted and ever-growing pest control supplier for professionals and for those into DIY pest control, you can use your recognition and expertise to help market our brand and in return we pay you a commission for every sale that comes from the affiliate links you post on your website. You'll have the power to market our wide inventory of professional pest control products, lawn & garden products, pest control equipment and supplies using the tools we provide you (banners, links and product ads).

The Benefits of Joining

As a member of the Solutions Pest and Lawn Affiliate Program, you'll essentially be a part of our marketing team. Simply do what you do best on your website by posting your unique and popular content while housing our marketing materials. Before long, your loyal fan base will become aware of our stock of helpful DIY pest control products and professional grade equipment and you’ll be earning commissions from any sale we happen to make from them jumping to our site.

  • Up to 15% Commission

  • Retain cookies for up to 90 days

  • The powerful hook of marketing top-of-the-line DIY products that save people up to 85% on pest control.

  • Fast and responsive affiliate support

  • Free professionally designed banners, including specific product banner ads for a higher conversion rate

  • Custom creative requests welcome!

  • A wide variety of text link ads, including custom text link ads

  • Product data feeds.

  • Get paid faster with a Shorter locking period

How to Sign Up

Sign Up Now

Fill out our application to sign up. We will review the application within 5-7 business days and inform you whether your application has been approved. Please include which domains you plan to place our ads on and any other advertising intentions.

Disclaimer: All affiliates will be required to read and adhere to the Solutions Pest and Lawn Affiliate Program Agreement.

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