Refer A Neighbor

Work with your neighbors for a larger pest-free area.

Refer A Neighbor

Refer A Neighbor

What Is The Refer-A-Neighbor Program?

While doing your own pest control at your home is a great way to control pests on your property, it is even better when those around you do their own treatments as well. When you and your neighbors work together to combat pests, you create a larger, pest-free area.

With this in mind, we have a Refer-A-Neighbor program that will reward both you and your neighbors with free product* so you can work together to control pests!

How Does Refer-A-Neighbor Work?

When you Refer-A-Neighbor to us, and that neighbor completes their first purchase, we will send both you and your neighbor a free sample product for you to use on your respective properties.

We will send both yours and you neighbor's product with your neighbor's order, and you can pick up your product from them when it is time to apply!

  1. Log in to your Solutions account. You must have an active account be logged in to refer your neighbors.
  2. On pages throughout our site, you will see a "Refer A Neighbor" button. Click that button and refer your neighbor by providing their name, address, and email address.
  3. We will send them an email notifying them that you have referred them and we will provide a link to them where they can come to our site and create an account.
  4. Once they have completed sign up and placed an item in their cart to purchase, two free products will also be automatically added to their cart -- one for you; one for them.
  5. We will send yours and your neighbor's samples with their order.

DIY pest control is already easy and effective; doing it with your neighbors will ensure it stays that way!

*Free product offer may be subject to change at any time. Some exclusions apply. Referred user must have newly created account at time of referral acceptance. Not valid for existing customers. Referred user may only take advantage of the free product one time.

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