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Solutions Pest & Lawn Store Locations

No matter where you live or how clean you keep your home, sooner rather than later you may have to deal with the presence pests intruding upon your home or weeds and disease creeping up on your lawn. Often times, it’s not even your fault. Sometimes a combination of elements outside of your control are to blame for unwanted invaders. Solutions Pest & Lawn can help remedy the problem by teaching you how to use the same effective high-quality products exterminators rely on. We also equip you with the technical knowledge you need to safely and correctly apply these professional pest control products yourself so you can be successful in eliminating whatever target insect or weed that is bothering you.

Solutions Pest & Lawn has retail outlets across the country where our professional pest control products can be found. We have both company owned and dealer stores that stock a full line of insecticides, herbicides, fertilizers, and equipment. Stop by any Solutions Pest & Lawn location today and let our knowledgeable representatives and DIY experts teach you the tricks of the pest control trade. You can even stop by any of our retail stores and bring your pests in and we will identify them and help you come up with a treatment plan specifically designed for you and your home.

Solutions Pest & Lawn Staff

Each store is staffed with professionals who have full training in pesticide labels and application. When you discuss treatment methods with our team you can be assured you are getting the best advice for your particular situation. The following factors are considered when choosing a product and application method:

  • Application Site or Restrictions, Sensitive Areas, Surfaces Treated, Speed/Residual Desired, Equipment Capabilities, and Cost. 

Don’t Be Fooled by Big Box Stores, Solutions Pest & Lawn Has the Right Stuff

Unfortunately, when people hear the phrase “do-it-yourself pest control”, they think of the sprays, baits and foggers that are sold at big box stores like Wal-Mart and Home Depot. While it is mighty convenient to go the pest control aisle at the same place you like to buy your groceries and electronics, in cases like pest control, it would be wiser to go to a store which specializes in pest control and lawn care.

Solutions Pest & Lawn carries professional pest control products, meaning that what we have in stock are the same insecticides, herbicides, equipment and supplies which pest control services come and get when they need to restock their arsenal. In fact, a large segment of our customers are pest control companies, service technicians and exterminators who buy the products we carry in bulk to run their operations. The products sold at big box retailers pale in comparison to what we hold on our store shelves and at our warehouses in quality, effectiveness and delivering results.

The one thing that those inferior brands of pest control products and lawn care sprays have over our products is that they are usually cheaper in price. Well that’s when the old saying “you get what you pay for” fits perfectly. What you are usually buying off of those retail stores are mainly the brand name and packaging, not so much the substance inside the container which is a severely diluted (watered-down) product that will often leave you disappointed when you apply it according to the directions they provide and see that it does little to eliminate you insect infestations.

The same can be said about gardening products and weed killers you’ll find at these same retailers. If you have weeds growing on your lawn and uglying up your property, you will find little relief from the offerings they have on the store shelves at your local garden center.

In the end, even if the product is cheaper, you will end up paying more because once one of their generic pest control sprays fail to work, you will probably try a different product and get the same mediocre results until you learn that it is best to go to a store that specializes in what you are looking for and carries specialty products which deliver on their promises.

You Can Successfully Do Pest Control & We Can Show You How!

When you own a home, you have to do whatever you can to protect your home and your family from unwanted intruders. Just as you would put security measures in place to guard your home against thieves and burglars by installing security systems and putting up fences etc. you should be able to do the same to protect your home from filthy insects like cockroaches and flies or even destructive wood-destroying bugs like termites.

While hiring a professional pest control service is always an option, nothing beats the feeling of accomplishment of doing-it-yourself and being self-sufficient. Also it doesn’t hurt that if you are able to put in the time and energy to conduct your own pest control treatments to your home, you could save a bundle of money by cutting out labor costs that you would owe a professional.

Most people wonder if they truly are capable of conducting a good pest control treatment of their home which rivals what the professionals do. Some people are discouraged to be able to conduct DIY pest control because the professional are licensed and certified to conduct pest control and you may not know the first thing about treating your home for roaches or eliminating pesky weeds from your lawn.

Solutions Pest & Lawn is here to tell you that you very well can conduct a professional quality pest control job in your own home or yard, especially when you have the right products in your hand and the right knowledge and techniques learned. This is exactly what you will find when stepping foot into any one of our Solutions Pest & Lawn retail storefronts: professional grade product and professional DIY advice by experienced and well-trained pest control technicians

Valuable Customer Service and Free DIY Advice You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

When you come by any one of our retail stores, you shouldn’t just grab some product for your target pest and leave, in fact, we encourage you not to, but rather stay back to talk and ask questions to any of our retail associates who are well-versed in pest control. Most of our store associates may have been former pest control service techs as a past career. This way you will know that when you solicit any one of our Solutions Pest & Lawn employees for DIY advice, you will be getting access to valuable educational resources, tips and tricks the pest control professionals don’t want you to know to eliminate your pest problem!

Our Solutions Pest & Lawn associates and managers have the extensive knowledge to to help you select, purchase, and use any item we carry in our stores--the right way! Solutions Pest & Lawn carries insect baits, professional insecticides & pesticides, traps, herbicides, lawn maintenance products and many other helpful professional items and equipment.

Our 100% Guarantee

If you follow our prescribed treatment method and are not 100% satisfied with the results we will make things right. We either refund your money or re-analyze the situation and get you an alternative product free of charge so we can get rid of your issue. We are the only company with a 100% pest control treatment guarantee.

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