Custom Solutions for Over 60 Years

Founded in 1958, Solutions Pets & Lawn has become one of the largest pest control companies in the United States. We work with companies, large and small, to provide custom solutions that get results and saves our customers money.

Custom Solutions for Over 60 Years

Custom Solutions for Over 60 Years

The Solutions Pest & Lawn Story

Solutions Pest & Lawn was the first do-it-yourself pest control store in the country. Starting as a local pest control company, owner Richard Boyd saw an opportunity to sell the same professional chemicals he was using in his pest control service directly to homeowners. Our flagship store located in Pasadena, Texas was originally a small gas station before being converted into our first store. The company began to expand quickly, opening more stores throughout the Houston area.

The stores have changed hands many times over the years until they were sold to Zach Colander in 2011. Solutions is now family owned and operated, and is the only direct to consumer manufacturer of insecticides, herbicides, fertilizers, and equipment with over 18 locations nationwide.

DIY Pest Control Supplies

Solutions Pest & Lawn offers top brands in the pest control industry, such as Quali-Pro, Control Solutions Inc., MGK, Zeocon Bayer, Monsanto, FMC, BASF, and many more, to homeowners and DIY pest controllers. We have also developed over 30 branded products that offer control of most pests. By manufacturing products ourselves, we can offer effective products at a lower price point.

Every Solutions store operates with a commitment to provide the best pest control solutions. When you come in with a pest problem, we will help you diagnose the problem and identify your pest, prescribe a treatment plan using professional products, and teach you how to use the products safely and effectively.

For Pest Management Professionals

Solutions is a distributor for more than 80 companies and manufactures over 30 products to provide a wide variety of supplies for any application need. We are the only full service distributor that offers insecticides, herbicides, fertilizers, equipment, and wholesale pest control supplies under one roof.

Solutions Pest & Lawn has over 18 nationwide distribution centers with extended hours of operation to meet your immediate product needs. And because we offer over 30 branded products that we manufacture ourselves, we sell manufacturer direct to lower costs and cut out the middleman markup. Solutions also manufactures and stocks spray rigs as well as customized spray rigs to fit any applicator's needs.

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