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Solutions Pest & Lawn Information Center

Solutions Pest & Lawn is not only a prime spot to find the latest and greatest in pest control and lawn maintenance products, our website is also a host to an assortment of helpful information and resources to assist you in whatever DIY situation you are tackling. At Solutions, we don’t want to keep you in the dark, whether it comes to learning how to deal with various pests and lawn issues or even learning about our company so that is why we have set up this section to educate you with a large library of informative articles, videos and how-to guides.

Here in this section, you can also find out about our company’s background and culture which is centered around delivering exceptional customer service. If you are looking for an opportunity to join the Solutions family, we also have a career page where you can apply for a job. Here is a brief breakdown at all of our subcategories:

About Solutions:
Solutions Pest & Lawn has been around for over 40 years and came from humble beginnings. Here you can learn about our rich history as the country’s first do-it-yourself pest control store and how we have grown over the years into becoming a top retailer and provider in the DIY pest control and lawn care industry.


Knowledge Base: At Solutions, we don’t just want to offer you pest control and lawn care products and have you go on your merry way, we want to equip you with the confidence and technical know-how to apply our products effectively. Here at our knowledge base, you will find an extensive library of information, from articles on our best products, how-to guides on specific pests and weeds and plenty of other educational material that can help you become a better DIYer.


How-To Videos: You may be a more visual learner than a reader and that is why we have helpful how-to videos where you can see just how to apply various products and tackle various problem pests. From product reviews to how to tackle problem pests and weeds, we have videos which can help to guide you.


Our People: Our goal here at Solutions Pest and Lawn is to deliver exceptional customer service. To do this, we have to invest in our people who bring to the table different strengths and experiences which make us a leading retailer and provider of pest control products. Here you can find profiles from our various employees where they share their background and experiences which make them an ideal fit for our team.


Careers: At Solutions, we are always keeping an eye out for new talent who possess the experience and intangibles that will help our team and take our company to new heights. Here you can apply for a job and check out various openings and job opportunities that we have which may be of interest.

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