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Pesticide Active Ingredients

You may know about ingredients on the label on products you purchase every day, but while there can be a large number of different ingredients, some are more important than others. Active ingredients are the compound that most people think of as the most important ingredient in a formulation, which is the molecule that’s involved in some biochemical interaction to control a disease or pest.

In other words, an active ingredient for a pesticide is one the prevents, destroys or hinders a targeted pest. It is the ingredient in a formulation that is the most potent or is the chemical which has the highest concentration in a solution.

While active ingredients are an essential part of insecticides, they are also used to refer to the primary ingredient used in herbicides, fungicides and other substances used to get rid of an unwanted pest.

There are a number of pesticide active ingredients that are staples in the pest control industry which have been tried and true for many number of years. Other pesticide active ingredients are quite recently developed and have been newly introduced in a variety of pesticide products.

Pest control scientists and chemists are constantly improving and testing out new chemicals to serve as active ingredients that can get rid of pests more quickly and effectively while at the same time being less toxic to non-targeted species as well as the environment.

Check out our subcategories below to learn more about each active ingredient, how they work, and what products we have in stock containing the active ingredient.

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