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Solutions Pest & Lawn is proud to be host to a wide range of fantastic professional grade insecticides that are popular in the pest control industry. One such popular active ingredient is dinotefuran which is a staple active for the Alpine brand of products created by Whitmire Microgen. On this page you can view our entire selection of dinotefuran products and conveniently add them to your shopping cart.

Also on this page you can learn more about this active ingredient which is a much safer form of pest control insecticide compared to other more toxic chemicals while still being effective and providing a quick knockdown of problem pests. Read on to learn more facts and details about dinotefuran.

What Is Dinotefuran?

Dinotefuran (Chemical name: N-methyl-N′-nitro-N″-[(tetrahydro-3-furanyl)methyl)]guanidine) is a neonicotinoid insecticide. It is often formulated in combination with pyriproxyfen as a spot-on flea control product, and with pyriproxyfen and permethrin as a spot-on flea and tick control product.

Dinotefuran was first registered in 2004 to the EPA to be used against insect pests such as aphids, whiteflies, thrips, leafhoppers, leafminers, sawflies, mole cricket, white grubs, lacebugs, billbugs, beetles, mealybugs, and cockroaches on leafy vegetables, in residential and commercial buildings, and for professional turf management.

Dinotefuron comes in a variety of forms--from liquid insecticide concentrates to dusts, foams and even gel baits.

How Dinotefuran Works

As noted above, dinotefuran is a neonicotinoid which means that it is a chemical designed to mimic the effects of nicotine, found commonly in tobacco. Dinotefuran mode of action is achieved by disrupting inhibiting stimuli transmission within the nervous system of the targeted insect when that insect either ingests or absorbs the poison into its body.

In other words, dinotefuran blocks a certain type of neuronal pathways which are much more prevalent in insects than mammals. That is why the chemical is much more toxic to insects than humans or animals. As a result of this blockage, the insect begins to accumulation of acetylcholine, an important neurotransmitter, resulting in the insect's paralysis, and eventually their death.

View our selection of dinotefuran based formulated products below. For more information about dinotefuran or other active ingredients in our pesticides, please call us with your questions at 800-479-6583 or email us at askapro@solutionsstores.com

Featured Products Which Contain Dinotefuran

Alpine Dust Insecticide - Alpine Dust Insecticide contains the active ingredients Dinotefuran and Diatomaceous Earth for a long lasting and broad spectrum control of various crawling and flying insects. Is the industry's first and only reduced risk nonrepellent dust.

Alpine PT Insecticide Aerosol -Alpine pressurized insecticide is the only Reduced Risk nonrepellent aerosol labeled for use against crawling and flying insects. There's simply no better aerosol you can choose for your residential GPC customers than Alpine pressurized insecticide. Dinotefuran kills pests on contact. Pests must be directly contacted at time of application in order to be effective. Alpine PT Insecticide Aerosol is a reduced risk nonrepellent aerosol, so it should be considered effective as a contact spray only.

Safari 20SG Insecticide Dinotefuran-  Safari Insecticide, a super-systemic insecticide with quick uptake and knockdown, controls a broad spectrum of ferocious and invasive pests, including Q- and B-biotype whitefly, hemlock woolly adelgid, emerald ash borer, mealybug, leafminer, fungus gnat, black vine weevil, glassy-winged sharpshooter, armored and soft scale and lacebug-some of the most costly pests that affect high value greenhouse and nursery crops such as poinsettia and hibiscus, as well as trees, shrubs and herbaceous ornamentals in the lawn and landscape market.

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Common Ways To Use Dinotefuran Products

Dinotefuran can be used in various agricultural, home, and landscaping settings. The product can eliminate Roaches, ants, termites, bed bugs and flying and crawling pests. Dinotefuran also targets pests of high value greenhouse and nursery crops such as poinsettia and hibiscus, as well as trees, shrubs and herbaceous ornamentals in the lawn and landscape market.


Is Dinotefuran Safe To Use?

When applied according to label directions, dinotefuran is safe to use and apply in and around the home. Exposure to the skin or inhalation of the chemical can lead to symptoms such as itching, welts, vomiting, headache, diarrhea, fever etc.


Protecting the various routes of exposure can prevent these health issues. The use of personal protective equipment such as gloves and face masks during the during the application of deltamethrin can block these various routes.


Whenever you use any of our products here at Solutions Pest & Lawn, we always recommend keeping children and pets away from the area being treated until the application product has completely dried which usually takes a half hour to an hour. Once dried, children and pets can be brought back into the treated area without worry.

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