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Alpine Flea Insecticide with IGR

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Alpine Flea Insecticide with IGR (Ultracide replacement) is an advanced pressurized flea and tick aerosol that is designed to kill hatching flea eggs for up to seven months. Application takes only 15 minutes and has no odor or visible residue.

Target Pests

Alpine Flea Insecticide will kill and control Adult & Immature Fleas.

For Use In

Alpine Flea Insecticide can be used in and around the following locations; Apartments Commercial Structures Homes Hotels Kennels Motels and Veterinary Clinics.


Shake Well Before Use. Vacuum before and treatment and after treatment has dried. Treat infested areas, or potentially infested areas, including rugs, carpets, furniture, pet beds, and pet resting areas. Hold can 36" away from surface being treated.

*Do Not treat pets with this product

Coverage Area

20 oz (one can) can cover an area up to 2,625 sq.ft. An area of 80-100 sq.ft. can be treated in about 10 seconds.

Time to Kill

Kills fleas for up to 30 days. Kills hatching flea eggs for up to 7 months.

Active Ingredient

Dinotefuran 0.25%, Pyriproxyfen 0.1%, Prallethrin 0.05%


This product will kill fleas and prevent flea infestations for a full season. Adult fleas may be seen in the treated areas when brought in on infested animals or when adults emerge from pupal cases; however populations will not develop in the treated areas. This product in may also be used to kill bed bugs and ticks by contact and aids in preventing bed bug hatch.

How To

Fleas: Treated infested areas, or potentially infested areas, including rugs, carpets, upholstered furniture, pet beds, pet resting areas, room edges, around and under furniture or other stored items. Hold can at arms length and direct spray toward the area to be treated. Use a sweeping motion to apply product back and forth away from the surface being treated.

Checkout the Alpine Flea Insecticide with IGR for the full application recommendations.

Alpine Flea Insecticide with IGR

Alpine Flea Spray – Your Shield from Fleas and Bed Bugs

Have you ever had a rash that seems to appear and disappear on your skin? Seen any small, red bumps on the skin that give you a bad itch? If that is the case, then it is likely that you have a flea problem or bed bug issue.

What are Fleas and Bed Bugs?

Fleas and bed bugs are parasites. They feed on living hosts to survive. Although, their bites do not give you any long term or fatal diseases, they do take away your peace and calm.

You can’t keep scratching away the entire day. In worse cases when you lie down on your bed to sleep you end up fighting an unforeseen itch. That really takes the fun out of life.

What Makes Them a Nuisance?

The thing that makes fleas and bed bugs your worst enemy is the fact that they are very small in size. You can barely see them. They also have great speed, so even when you do spot one it rushes back to its hiding place which you may never discover. The other awful fact about them is that they multiply exponentially. Within days you will be dealing with a full infestation without realizing how to put a stop to it.

Another thing to worry about these parasites is the fact that they become permanent residents inside the fur coats of your pets. That is very bad news to pet owners. Your cat or dog can get very irritated due to these little devils.

Plus, if they keep surviving in the fur you can never get rid of them! They will just keep on reproducing.

How to Get Rid of Fleas?

If your pet has been afflicted by these creatures, you may want to start there. Take it to the veterinarian and use the treatment prescribed to remove fleas from its fur. If the case is the other way around and your furniture has been infested first and you and your pets are at risk of exposure because of it then you must take quick action to control them from spreading.

You can use insecticides to keep them from multiplying and killing the existing ones like the Alpine Flea Spray.

Alpine Flea Spray

The best spray that can help you contain the situation quickly is Alpine Flea Spray. Let’s have a look at the product in a little more detail.

What are its Key Qualities?

a. Places it can be Used

It doesn’t matter if you live in an apartment building or a house of your own, you can use this to clear out your residence in hours. In fact, you can even use it in your commercial buildings, hotels, motels or even in veterinary clinics.

b. Odors it Carries

If you live in an apartment building you don’t have to be worried if the spray will bother any of your neighbors as it is an odorless spray.

c. Residual Chemicals

It also does not leave any residual chemicals behind. In this manner, it becomes very safe to use with children or pets around.

  1. How to Use it?

a. Sweeping Movement

This is a can spray, so a swift sweeping movement with the spray knob pressed over the infested areas should do the job. Shake it well before you begin. Keep the spray at least 36 inches away from the area you are spraying on.

b. Protect Your Fish, Birds and Pets

Before you begin, you should cover up your aquariums, remove your fish bowls and also take any birds perched in the area outside. It can be dangerous to other living things, that is the reason your fish, birds and pets are your first priority. Make sure your pets don’t come in contact with it. If your pets are affected by fleas, do not use this spray for their treatment. This spray is for your furniture and floor.

c. Protect Your Floor and Furniture

Even for your things, you should test it before you start. Apply on a small part of the floor so you can see if there is any reaction to it, if the floor begins to turn white or something else happens do not apply in the remaining area.

d. Keep Your Food Safe

Also, cover any food in the house before starting. In fact, all your utensils, stoves, ovens and other things that are used in processing your food should be covered properly. You can also remove these from the area.

e. Vacuum after Spray

Once, you are done then spray it in the affected parts. After spray, leave the area yourself until it dries down completely. A good option is to vacuum before you spray and vacuum after you return so that any residue may be pulled from the air.

How To Be Safe?

When using it if it accidentally spray over your clothes or your skin, remove the clothing. Then wash the skin affected for at least 15 minutes.

What are the Immediate Effects?

Alpine Flea Spray will kill for up to  90 days it kills any and all adult fleas and bed bugs as it dries and afterwards it keeps killing their hatching eggs for at least the next 7 months.

Where can You Find the Alpine Flea Spray?

You can easily get Alpine Flea Spray from Solutions Pest & Lawn. The biggest enemy of fleas and bed bugs in your house can be delivered to your doorstep.

Keep your family safe and healthy by removing the curse of fleas and bed bugs from their beautiful lives!



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Product Q & A

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Can this be used on carpet, vacuumed up and let pregnant dogs in carpet after vacuuming?
What about a 13 week old puppy?
princess52 on Jun 28, 2016
BEST ANSWER: The Alpine Flea Insecticide with IGR is safe once it is completely dry to allow pets and humans back in the space. I would recommend staying out for at least 4 hours and then aerating the area if you still have an issue with fumes.

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Effective product; great company!
Great customer service, as usual! Friendly salesperson.
November 1, 2018
3 months ago
Easy to Use
5 / 5
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Safe to Use
5 / 5
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Great Stuff!
Alpine was received quickly, easy to use and solved my flea problems. Recommend to anyone with a flea problem!
October 3, 2018
4 months ago
Instant Relief
My issue was fairly small, my wife and I were observing around 5 fleas per day, originally brought in by my cat. My 1 year old started getting bites on her legs and we have a newborn, too.
Suffice to say, we were very stressed. Alpine was recommended to me by a friend in the pest control industry. It was quick and easy to apply and the smell dissipated fairly quickly, too.
Although I was told some fleas may still be around for a day or two, our issue was resolved immediately.
Its been almost three weeks and my wife thinks there may be a couple that have recently hatched. Its important to reapply the product after a few weeks and vacuum every day (something I neglected to do)to wake up dormant eggs so the treatment affects them.
I used a can and a half for a 3 bedroom, two story home. I used the product on hardwood, carpeting, and tile as well as the furniture.
September 11, 2015

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