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Eliminate flies with a Fly LightCommerical Fly Lights

No matter what type of fly it is, if you have an outbreak of them, it can be particularly bothersome to deal with especially in restaurants and businesses where customers are present or outdoor gatherings. In these cases, using something like a chemical spray which likely has a strong may be off-putting.

When you have flies and want an effective and discreet way to kill them that doesn’t involve hanging sticky fly traps or spraying toxic chemicals around, a fly light trap is the recommended way to go. Fly lights are a very effective alternative to the other conventional ways to control flies because flies are drawn to the light, lured by their brightness until they fall into the trap.

UV Fly Light Traps are ideal for use in settings and situations where using traditional fly sprays or chemicals would not be appropriate, or where discreet, low profile control is desired such as kitchens, restaurants, or store fronts.

Why Fly Lights Are So Effective

Fly lights emit fluorescent UV light which act as an attractant to flies and other insects. When combined with sticky traps (which our selection of fly lights are), the flies will move towards the light and become stuck in the trap, unable to escape. These glue strips are removable and replaceable so once flies are caught in them, they can easily be disposed of. Fly lights bring many benefits to homeowners as a means of control. Ultraviolet rays are not harmful to people or pets, unlike most insecticides and there is no unpleasant odors.  Ultraviolet rays attract a wide range of flying insects, not just flies.  Many ultraviolet fly traps are designed to look like ordinary light fixtures, making them perfect for discreet control in public venues.

Tips on Using Fly Lights

A fly light shouldn’t be your only means of fly control but rather an element to a full fly control program which includes sanitation, exclusion and prevention.

  • Place the light ideally in the middle of the room so bugs will be attracted to one area and won’t be as likely to fly around the whole structure.
  • Avoid placing lights near areas where food is prepared or served, and make sure to keep it at eye level.  
  • Light should not reflect to the outside, such as windows and doors.
  • Perform regular maintenance of your fly lights, making sure to replace the light bulbs at least once a year. The dimmer the lights are, the less effective they will be to attract flies.
  • Check and clean traps often, replacing full sticky traps to allow the light to do its job effectively.

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