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"When spraying diseased plants with Mancozeb, make sure to get even coverage by placing your sprayer on a fan spray setting."


Diseases and fungus growing on your plants and ornamentals can be an ugly eyesore, but when you are growing crops, fungal diseases mean lost yield and less revenue. This is why it is crucial to have a fungicide that can protect your vegetation and keep diseases away. An active ingredient that is especially effective against a wide range of diseases is Mancozeb.

On this page, we will give you some background of Mancozeb and explain how it works so well to eliminate fungus and disease. Here you can also shop the top-recommended fungicide products we have in stock which contain this Mancozeb.

What is Mancozeb?

Mancozeb is a broad-spectrum fungicide that is used to control a wide range of common fungal diseases on vegetables and ornamentals. It is mainly used in agricultural settings to protect crops and comes in various formulations such as dusts, liquid concentrates, dry flowables, water dispersible granules and ready-to-use products.

How Does Mancozeb Work?

Mode of Action

Mancozeb works by inactivating essential enzymes and amino acids of fungal cells to keep them from growing, developing and spreading.

Benefits of Mancozeb

Mancozeb has shown to be effective on a wide variety of ornamental plants and vegetable and fruit crops. It stops the spread of fungus and is usually very easy to mix and apply with a sprayer. It has both curative and preventative properties and works on contact.

Drawbacks of Mancozeb

Mancozeb is not a systemic fungicide and only works as a contact fungicide where it has been applied. Curative properties only work when you apply at the very early onset of the disease, otherwise, it may not be very effective in removing the disease. It is better to use as a preventative fungicide. 

Is Mancozeb Safe?

Mancozeb is safe to apply when applied according to label directions. As with any of our chemicals we carry, wearing personal protective equipment is required to lessen the risks of inhaling, ingesting or coming in contact with the skin.

The minimum PPE suggested when handling Mancozeb based products includes chemical resistant gloves, eye protection, and long-sleeved clothing. Please make sure to follow the label instructions for the proper directions in applying the product and knowing what safety measures to apply. After application, keep people and pets off the treated area until the product has fully dried.

What To Expect


Depending on the timing of the application, you should expect Mancozeb to prevent further growth of the fungus or remove the disease entirely. As mentioned earlier, Mancozeb can cure certain fungal diseases only if you've applied at a very early stage of the disease's development. For plants that are not diseased, a single application of Mancozeb will provide up to 2 weeks of protection against diseases.

Applications of Mancozeb should start when seedlings emerge or transplants are set and repeat at 7 to 10-day intervals throughout the season for continued preventative disease protection. 

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