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How To Control Hobo Spidershobo spider control

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One of the things that makes spiders such a worrisome pest when they have trespassed indoors, is the potential of getting bitten. One such spider that is notorious for its bites that it’s received the nickname of “the aggressive house spider” is the Hobo Spider. Due to its venomous bite, it is imperative for homeowners to do whatever it takes to remove this wandering spider from the home.

Hobo spiders get their name possibly from the fact that like the term “hobo” describing a wandering and homeless traveler, the spider is also an endless wanderer who doesn’t like to reside in one place very long. Native to Europe, hobo spiders ended up in Seattle, Washington possibly through boarding on cargo ships sometime before the 1930’s. Since then they have slowly expanded their population and have traveled throughout the Northwestern United States and Western Canada.

Adult hobo spiders are 1/4 inch long and are brown in color and have a V-shaped pattern on their abdomen. They live in a funnel web and can often be found residing between bricks, in crawl spaces, around building foundations, and under wood. Their diet mainly consists of smaller insects. The hobo spider is more aggressive than most other spider species, and it likes to bite anyone or anything that gets in its way. Their bite is venomous but fortunately is not fatal.

If you have hobo spiders residing within your home, Solutions Pest and Lawn can assist you in eliminating any trace of them with high-quality control products and helpful free DIY advice.

How To Get Rid of Hobo Spiders: Solutions 4 Step Process

Controlling an aggressive spider like the hobo spider can be a bit intimidating, however with the right approach and pest control techniques you can overcome their invasion. When it comes to common house spiders, the method of eliminating them is usually the same across the board. You have to: reduce clutter, close off entry points to your home and then apply chemical treatment and glue traps to slow down or capture the pest before disposing of them. Below we have shared with you 3 simple steps you can follow to get rid of the hobo spider effectively.

Step 1: Reduce clutter in and around the home. The more junk you have laying around, the more likely a spider will make themselves at home--in your home. Tidy up your home, get rid of unnecessary things you are hoarding and especially clean up your storage spaces like closets and the garage and basement/attic. Also if you have insect problems, eliminate those insects since the Hobo spider is around because you have insects it can have for a meal.

Step 2: Exclusion. You need to cut off access into your home by sealing cracks on the outside of the home and use screens on doors and windows. Do a scan around your home for possible entry and use caulk to fill those gaps. Do this both inside and outside, taking away any places that hobo spiders can enter or hide. Continue exclusion measures by making your outdoor area uninviting by clearing away any vegetation or debris on your yard.

Step 3: Indoors, we recommend treating all your baseboards, around windows and doorways and any other crack or crevices where you think hobo spiders might be entering or hiding with an insecticide aerosol spray with a good residual. Another good product that is effective in putting to end to the hobo spider invasion is setting glue traps. Place traps in corners and along edges of walls. Be liberal in your placement of glue boards, especially if you know that there is more than one of the present. Before you know it, they’ll be captured in a glue board with nowhere to go.

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