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 How To Control Spiders

Solutions Pest and Lawn understand that spiders can be hard to control and a little intimidating to approach, but when you are using Solutions products, you can rest assured that your spider problem will be properly handled. The pesticides we have in stock are all professional grade products that are used by professional pest control companies. When you couple these high-quality products with easy-to-follow instructions, you have a winning combination.

With well over 35,000 species of spiders known to us, there is a really good chance that at some time we will all encounter a spider control issue. That’s why we offer not only the highest quality solutions on the internet through the products we carry, but also provide expert DIY advice and tutorials so you can sufficiently tackle your spider control issue with confidence.

Browse our spider control products below. If you need any advice on more detailed spider control methods or have questions about ordering, feel free to reach out to us via phone, online web chat or email and we will be happy to assist you.

Why Buy These Products

How To Get Rid of Spiders: Our 5 Step Process

Follow our 5 step process and we guarantee 100% that you can eliminate spiders yourself. The most important part of an effective spider management program is that you are thorough in your approach. Select our effective spider control products and follow our treatment method and you will not have to worry about spiders any longer.

Step 1: Spiders can be hard to find in your home, but a good first step that can help to find them is to declutter your house. Spiders like to hide in cluttered areas like garages and storage spaces. Decluttering and tossing out as much unneeded things as possible will bring spiders more out in the open so you can see them and apply the proper control methods and techniques.

Step 2: 
With an insecticide such as Reclaim IT (which we recommend using with a hand pump sprayer), spray around all baseboards, door and window frames, in closets, storage rooms, under patio coverings, porches, in garages and attics. Make sure to also focus application in your garage or basement, dark damp places are prime examples of spider hiding grounds.

Step 3:
 Monitor spiders by using JT Eaton glue boards in cabinets, closets, storage areas, basements attics and any other areas where you have seen spider activity. These will help capture spiders that are in hiding and can quickly be disposed of once they are caught. As an added bonus, these glue boards can also capture other bugs and critters you have crawling around.

Step 4:
  Whenever you see spider webs in your home, knock them down and dispose of them immediately. This will discourage spiders from remaking webs in those areas and sends a message that they are not welcome. There are also web control products that prevent web development on surfaces where you are having large amounts of spider webs.  Controlling other insects around your property will not offer spiders free lunch.

Step 5:
To prevent spiders from re-entering your home after indoor treatment, spray the perimeter of your home outdoors with your preferred insecticide product and seal off any openings, cracks and crevices you find with caulking.


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