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How To Control Funnelweb Spidersfunnel web spider

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There are a number of spiders that like to venture on indoors and make themselves at home. One such spider is the funnelweb spider. If you haven’t gone into your attic or basement for a while and find a load of cobwebs to navigate through, it’s pretty safe to assume that you have some funnelweb spiders living amongst. This can create an unsavory atmosphere which homeowners should want to get to the bottom of and eliminate before their home looks like a haunted house on halloween.

While there are quite a few species of funnelweb spiders that vary in appearance, in general they are colored brownish or grayish with their legs and other body parts being very hairy possessing markings that are darker in color than the rest of their body. They are also a smaller spider, ranging from about 1/5 of an inch to about ¾ of an inch. The distinguishing trait of funnel web spiders is a tail-like structure on their back side which shoots out web silk used for spinning their webs. They are called funnelweb spiders from their webs looking funnel shaped which they use as both a mechanism to trap insects and to create a hiding space to ambush bugs to eat.

Funnelweb spiders are versatile when it comes to the places where they enjoy living. They have been known to create their webs in grass, bushes, wooded areas, gardens, small burrows, corners of buildings, under rocks, and in dark areas inside homes. Their diets consists of small insects which they trap inside their funnel-like web. You can usually tell you have an infestation of funnelweb spiders from finding webs around your home.

If funnelweb spiders have invaded your home, the experts here at Solutions Pest and Lawn can help you to eliminate these pests and their annoying webs with high-quality spider control products and easy to apply techniques which we will share with you below.

How To Get Rid of Funnelweb Spiders: Solutions 4 Step Process

Funnelweb spiders may seem intimidating to some homeowners but they are actually fairly easy to control with the correct approach and products at your disposal. Funnelweb spiders are not as aggressive and stubborn as most other spiders and if you make the environment appear unwelcoming to them, they’ll get the point and move on elsewhere. To do this you’ll need to reduce clutter, close off entry points to your home and then apply chemical treatment and glue traps to catch the pest. Below we have shared with you 3 simple steps you can follow to get rid of the funnelweb spider successfully.

Step 1: Reduce clutter in and around the home. The more junk you have laying around, the more likely a spider will make themselves at home. They like hiding up under a bunch of junk in storage areas or up in attics where they can live undisturbed and secluded. Tidy up your home, get rid of unnecessary things you are hoarding and especially clean up your storage spaces like closets and the garage and basement/attic. If you see any of their webs up, break them down or vacuum them up. This will send a message to the spider that they are not welcome.

Step 2: Exclusion. A home with cracks, gaps and holes is basically an invitation to spiders and other insects to “come on in!”. To combat that, begin by sealing cracks on the outside of the home and use screens on doors and windows. Do a scan around your home for possible entry and use caulk to fill those gaps. Do this both inside and outside, taking away any places that funnelweb spiders can hide or set up shop with their webbing.

Step 3: Indoors, we recommend treating all your baseboards, around windows and doorways and any other crack or crevices where you think funnelweb spiders might be entering or hiding with an insecticide aerosol spray with a good residual. You could also spray an insecticide containing pyrethrins in the places where you have found funnelweb spiders. Also, spray the insecticide in corners in your basement and garage. Another good product that works in tandem with sprays is setting glue traps. Place traps in corners and along edges of walls. Place a plentiful amount of them around suspicious areas, especially if you know that there is more than one of the present. Before you know it, they’ll be captured in a glue board and will be stuck. After that you can easily dispose of them.

Step 4: Practice good housekeeping and implement a regular cleaning routine and organize your storage spaces will do wonders in preventing spiders from stepping foot in your home again.

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