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Control Pests With Professional-Grade Products from Solutions

Whether you live in a house, rent at an apartment or own a business, you’re going to face problems with pests and insects. Trying to exterminate pests from your home can be a frustrating experience once you realize that the products you buy from the big box retailers don’t work as well as advertised. The truth is, what those retailers carry in the pest control aisle that you plop down so much money for are diluted or watered down pest control product. You’re essentially paying for the branding and the container. The products that actually do work effectively are professional-grade DIY pest control pesticides and insecticides which we carry here at Solutions Pest and Lawn.

Our staff consists of experienced pest control experts and entomologists that know their stuff and we only carry the best DIY pest control products on the market that we have tested ourselves and given the stamp of approval. The products that we carry in our warehouse are the same products that professional exterminators use to treat homes and businesses and make the big bucks. We also have one of the biggest inventories of wholesale pest control supplies in the nation. We have made these high-quality products available to the public so you can eliminate your pest problems yourself.

Do-It-Yourself Pest Control Made Affordable and Simple

Step 1 - Identification: The most important step is identifying first what pest you have. This can be done by observing the problem pest and it’s features and characteristics. It isn’t enough to say “I have roaches” or “I have ants”. Finding out what type of species is important because there are DIY pest control products specialized for particular types of pests. If you’re ever unsure of what pest you have, we can help! We have experienced entomologists on staff who can help identify your problem pest. Just take a photo of the pest and send it to us at Identification@Solutionsstores.com and we can ID the pest and present you DIY pest control options and recommended products you can purchase to eliminate the pest.

Step 2 - Inspection: Once you know the pest you are dealing with, you need to carry out a thorough inspection of your home or place of business to find out where the problem pest frequents. Depending on the type of pest, they may have a nest or colony on your property. Tracking down those various hot spots is essential in the process so when you do proceed to DIY pest control treatment applications, you know where to place your main focus.

Step 3 - Control:
This is the phase where your problem pest is tackled head on. At this point you know your pest, you know where they like to hang out and you have the products that are specially designed to eliminate your problem pest. 
Using our advice and guidance via the how-to guides and videos we have on our website or live help over the phone, you can conduct a thorough pest control treatment to your home or place of business by spraying, baiting, dusting, spreading, fogging, or misting. We have the best selection of professional grade insecticides, rodenticides, spray equipment, traps, baits and other supplies you need to effectively get rid of any type of pest.

Step 4 - Prevention:
This final step is something that is ongoing to make sure the pests you have gotten rid of STAY gone. We have exclusion products and pesticides which you can use to create a protective barrier around your home to keep irritating pests away. By carrying out regular sanitation practices and putting in place the right preventative measures, you may never have to worry about a pest invading your home again.

A lot of novice homeowners say to themselves, "Can I really do my own pest control?" We firmly believe you can! Making your home or place of business pest-proof doesn’t have to be complicated. The truth is you can conduct a professional-quality DIY pest control treatment that is practically guaranteed to wipe out your problem pest with the correct approach and the correct products and wholesale pest control supplies. Don’t worry about feeling lost on where to begin because that’s where Solutions Pest and Lawn can step in and give you the direction you need by providing you with easy to execute instructions and help guides.

Pest Control Customized To Your Liking!

Some high-quality DIY pest control products are slow-acting in their approach (but still very effective), other products produce results quickly and wipe out pest populations fast. Depending on your personal preference, you can choose either a fast method or a slower method of pest eradication. Our staff can point you in the direction of the right DIY pest control products and provide application techniques for both methods.

Another factor in determining what the best DIY pest control products are for your personal pest control situation is the application site. We have different recommended techniques and products for different sites. You may live in an apartment rather than a home or vice versa. No matter what your unique scenario is, you have options and again if you give us a call or contact us via chat or email, we can give you the guidance you need to succeed in eliminating your pest issues.

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Solutions Pest and Lawn has an experienced staff of certified specialists so you get expert pest control advice and tips for FREE! We want to empower you with the confidence to be able to handle irritating pest control issues yourself and be able to say proudly, "I can do my own pest control!". Call us today at (800) 479-6583 or send us an email at askapro@solutionsstores.com for help making an order.


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