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"You can often find the source of an ant invasion by following their foraging trails. If you find an ant trail, follow it back to its source and treat it directly."

Ant Control: How To Get Rid of Ants

This page is a general ant control guide. By using the products and methods suggested, you can get control of any ant species. The ant category pages give additional information on the different species. Follow these guides and use the recommended products and you will get 100% control of all ant species guaranteed.

One of the most frustrating problems you can have as a homeowner is an infestation of ants. Ants frequently find their ways into homes thanks to their small size and foraging nature. Ants often travel in large groups and will appear in long lines, especially if they have found something good to eat. Controlling an ant infestation can be tricky as treatment options can vary depending on the type of ant that is present.

Because ants live in colonies, even if you see only a few ants, there is likely a lot more that you don't see. An ant population grows rapidly, so a small ant problem can grow into a big one in little time. Their numbers can grow even into the millions, which leads to ants breaking off and establishing satellite colonies to help support their growing numbers, which only spread their infestation throughout the rest of your property.

Most ants are nuisance pests and are not considered to be public health threats. But some species, such as Fire ants or Argentine ants, are invasive and will bite people and animals causing itchy welts and allergic reactions. Other species, such as Carpenter Ants and Crazy Ants, will cause structural damage to your home and electrical equipment. 

If you have an ant infestation, our DIY guide below will inform you about ants and how to eliminate your ant problem affordably using expert techniques and professional-grade products.


ant identification solutions

Knowing what type of ant you have and where it's found is crucial for treating an infestation. Some common types of ants found in homes are Pharaoh ants, Rover Ants, Little Black Ants, Carpenter Ants, Odorous House Ants, Crazy Ants, Argentine Ants, and Fire Ants. However, many other species exist. In fact, there are over 10,000 different species of ants all over the world.

Ants are identified by their size, the number of body segments, color, antennae, and shape. A quick way to identify them is by their nesting locations and where they may be foraging (around the foundation, flowerbeds, mulch bed, around windows and doors, areas of moisture etc.)

If you need assistance in identifying the ant you see, contact us and we will have one of our pros to help you with proper identification.


ants inspection foraging trails

Once you have identified the type of ant you are dealing with, a proper inspection will help you determine the most heavily infested areas as well as the nest location. Before applying treatment you will have to know where the ants are coming from. In this phase, you will be searching for ant activity and tell-tale signs of ant activity as well as potential entry points.

Where To Inspect

Indoors you will focus your ant search on bathrooms, kitchens, attics, and basements. In the kitchen, look around and under sinks, stoves, around the pantry and food supplies, around windows and doors, and close to appliances that generate moisture, such as dishwashers. In the bathroom, inspect the sink where plumbing penetrates the walls, behind and under toilets, and around the shower or bathtub.

Outdoors look for ants in flower beds, yard debris, rotten logs, pavement, near and around trees, leaf litter, under rocks, and exposed soil. Inspect close to the structure for any possible points of entry like cracks and crevices, weep holes, and especially vegetation that touches the foundation of your structure.

What To Look For

Indoors you're looking for areas prone to ant activity close to food supplies or moisture such as the kitchen or the bathroom. You might also find the ants themselves and their foraging trails which can lead you to the entry point they are emerging from.

Outdoors you're also looking for the ants themselves, their foraging trails, and ant mounds, which will lead you to the areas where you want to concentrate your treatment.


Once you have done your inspection and know what you are dealing with, it is time to solve the issue. Remember to read all the labels of the products you plan on using and follow application instructions, and stay safe by wearing the proper personal protective equipment (PPE).

To treat the majority of ant infestations no matter the species, we recommend using Valar Plus Bifenthrin Granules and Supreme IT outdoors and treating indoor infestations with Ant-Trax Ant Bait and FiPro Foaming Aerosol.

Step 1 - Outdoor Treatment with Valar Plus Bifenthrin Granules

Spreading Bifen LP

Valar Plus Bifenthrin Granules are a granular insecticide that is labeled to treat many different ant species. This product has a residual effect that can last up to 3 months and can be applied broadcast over your entire yard or directly to ant mounds.

Determine how much Valar Plus Bifenthrin Granules you will need by calculating the square footage of your yard. To do this, measure and multiply the area length times the width (length x width = square footage).

Using a hand or push broadcast spreader, apply 2.3 pounds of Valar Plus Bifenthrin Granules per 1,000 square feet of lawn. Spread the product in flower beds, around trees, and places where you have noticed ant activity.

If you have found the mound, spot treat with 1/2 cup of Valar Plus Bifenthrin Granules directly on the mound and then water it in. Make sure to water your lawn after applying to activate the product.

The granules that you spread will need to be activated with water to be effective. This can be done with rainfall or regular irrigation. But for maximum results and faster control, follow up your Valar Plus Bifenthrin Granule application with a liquid insecticide solution, which will be done in step 2.

Step 2 - Broadcast Application of Supreme I/T

Broadcast Application of Reclaim IT

Supreme I/T is a liquid insecticide that is labeled to treat over 70 different household pests, including ants. It delivers up to 90 days of effective control where sprayed.

Since you will be broadcast spraying the Supreme I/T solution over your granule application, you will use the same square footage measurement from earlier. For ant control, apply Supreme I/T at a rate of 1 oz. per gallon to cover 1,000 sq. ft.

For an easier time broadcast spraying, we suggest use Supreme I/T with a hose end sprayer so that enough water is used to sufficiently treat the area. To accomplish uniform control when applying to dense grass foliage, use volumes of up to 10 gallons per 1,000 sq. ft. Shake well and pump your sprayer.

You should also use Supreme IT around the perimeter and entry points of your home to discourage ants from coming into your home.

Step 3 - Treat Indoor Cracks and Crevices with Fipro Aerosol

fipro in crack and crevice

Treating the ants found outside is not enough. You must also treat indoors to eliminate the ant infestation. To do this, you will need Fipro Aerosol.

Fipro Aerosol a non-repellant foaming spray that is used to treat cracks and crevices where ants will emerge from.

Apply Fipro Foaming Aerosol to areas where ants are infesting. This product is a non-repellant that works slowly, and won't deter the ants from coming in contact with it, so it will not disrupt their trailing pattern. Common application sites can include voids, cracks and crevices around windows, doors, plumbing penetrations, under cabinets, baseboards, etc.

Step 4 - Apply Ant-Trax Ant Bait

Ant Trax Ant Bait Application

To get rid of ants from your bathroom, kitchen and other frequented areas indoors, use Ant-Trax Ant Bait.

Ant-Trax is an attractive ant bait product that comes in a convenient syringe for easy application. Ant-Trax will not be able to resist the formula and will take the bait back to their nest to share with the colony, and eventually, the whole population will succumb to the poison.

Apply Ant-Trax Ant Bait to surface areas where Fipro cannot be applied. We recommend placing the bait on backs and undersides of countertops, windows, behind fridges, behind microwaves, under & behind stoves, around cabinets and drawers etc.

Apply in a pea-sized drop and separate each drop by at least one foot. Let the ants feast on the product undisturbed.

Do not try to kill the ants or clean the areas where you have applied these products. The point is to let the ants come in contact with the products so that they will bring the pesticides back to the nest.

In about 7-10 days, you will get complete control of your ant problem. Trust the process and do not use any other chemicals (pesticides or cleaners) during this time period or it will disrupt the treatment.


Once your ant situation is under control, it's important that you take the necessary steps to prevent the ants from ever coming back. Here are some preventative measures to put into place to keep ants from reestablishing.

reclaim it

  • For indoor infestations, make sure that you clean and sanitize your cupboards inside and out. Also, after you have finished cooking, make sure you sweep or vacuum all of the food that may have spilled on the floor. While it's a minor inconvenience, food scavenging is one of the main reasons ants enter your home in the first place, and if you remove the food, you remove their motive.
  • Seal and caulk cracks and crevices and entry points found outside your home and inside. And most importantly, maintain a cleaning schedule to keep food crumbs and food supplies away from ants (pick up pet food every night, clean dishes, maintain food supplies locked tight in plastic containers).
  • Finally, apply Valar Plus Bifenthrin Granules and Supreme IT periodically for prevention. Valar Plus Bifenthrin Granules and Supreme IT every 3 months. Apply both products on a regular schedule to maintain a protective barrier around your home. Remember to trim back vegetation close to the structure to remove opportunities for ants to enter your home.

Key Takeaways

What are Ants?

  • Ant infestations are a common occurrence inside homes and can be tricky to treat if you are not sure which ant species you have or where they are nesting.
  • Among the most common ants that infest households include Pharaoh ants, Rover Ants, Little Black Ants, Carpenter Ants, Odorous House Ants, Crazy Ants, Argentine Ants, and Fire Ants, among others.

How To Get Rid of Ants Indoors (Kitchen & Bathroom) and Outdoors

  • A combination of products is necessary to achieve total control of ant infestations. We recommend applying Valar Plus Bifenthrin Granules and Supreme IT Insecticide outdoors while treating indoor areas with Ant-Trax Ant Bait and Fipro Foaming Aerosol.

Preventing Ant Reinfestations

  • Prevent future ant problems by keeping your home clean, sealing off points of entry with caulk and making preventative applications of Supreme IT and Valar Plus Bifenthrin Granules.
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