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How to Get Rid of Rat Mites


Rat mites are tiny little mites that like to feast on the rats’ blood. They go where rats go, they breed where rats breed and they irritate the same humans, the rats irritate. So basically, you are dealing with two pests at a time. You are dealing with a pest and a pest who patronizes your pest.

We’d say it serves them right, but apparently these pests often confuse us with their favorite hosts and end up biting us too. And these bites are not pretty at all.

Additionally, these rat mites are not selective in who they patronize so if you have a pet rat, that too can attract the rat mites and you and your family can very much end up with red, itchy, bites all over.

Regardless to say, these rat mites do not belong in your home, and you need to kick them out pronto.

We’ll tell you how, but first you must know a little more about these mites.

What we need to know About the Rat Mites

Rat mites are small in size, so small that they often take us by surprise with their bites. They are so small in size that we cannot even kill some of them to satisfy our vengefulness. The rat mites are scientifically named as Ornithonyssus bacoti, and are one of the most common house invading species.

Usually when rats are around these mites don’t take much interest in humans, except for one or two wayward mites. However, they conduct a full blown attack on humans the moment they fail to find rats around. And once that happens, it becomes nearly impossible to co-exist with mites in the house.

Their bites are most painful too. The bite at one area several times so the entire body part will be covered with small red lesions by the time they are done. Their bite itches up to six days, and the size of the bite is so large that they become obviously visible. The bitten area is as big as pimples and takes three weeks to get to normal.

And since you don’t have anywhere to go–considering it is your home–it is the rat mites who must be shown the front door.  Here’s what you can do about that:

Methods to get rid of rat mites

  1. Find The Nest

You need to figure out where the rats are staying in your house. The nest must be discovered. Chances are the nest is where the rat mites are breeding as well. Look in your basement, inside wall holes or any less used, secludedpart of your house and that’s where you’ll find the rats nest.

  1. Adios Combo Bait Cubes for Rats and Mice

It won’t work any other way until you nip the evil in the bud. So you’ll have to begin by treating the rat infestation in your home. The moment rats run away; the rat mites will not stay long after either. Adios Combo Bait Cubes is a rodenticide which also kills the mites while it is at work. This bait works like magic and when placed in the bait stations, attract rats and send them to their demise. The more rats it catches, the less rat mites you’ll have. Make sure to keep it away from food source and children.

  1. Top Gun Bromethlin Rodenticide Blocks JT Eaton

Another, highly effective rodenticide, Top Gun acts fast and is suitable for use both, indoors and outdoors. Top Gun also stops feed effectively. One lethal dose of this rodenticide will stop it from feeding and kill it within a day. When rodents will be killed at this rate, rat mites will soon lose their interest as well.

  1. Infected Areas

Once you are sure the rats are out of the house, or dead. You must then move your attention to the carpets, beds and other infected areas in you house and spray it with Aerosol insecticide spray. Do this frequently and within a week, you’ll be living a mite free life.

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Preventive measures to keep the rat mites away from your home

Prevention is always better than cure, and you might have already heard it a thousand times, it will still ring true. Let’s see what we can do to keep these rat mites away from us:

  • The first prevention tip is pretty obvious. Never let rats stay in your home for long. In fact, don’t them stay at all. Use rat killing pesticides often so that they stay away for good.

  • Next, you might also want to get your pets sprayed often so that no lingering mite is left in their furry coats.

  • Also make a point of sealing all holes and cracks in your house using caulk. These openings and entry points invite rats and rats invite rat mites.

  • Prevent the rats from entering your home by maintaining your yard and spraying rodenticide there. Begin by mowing and clipping your yard properly, so rodents don’t get a place to hide. Then fill the garden spray with rodenticide and let it spray all around the garden. Make sure the rodenticide is safe for your plant prior to usage.


With these preventive measures and aforementioned methods to get rid of rats and rat mites, soon you’ll have the house to yourself again and you won’t be worried about you and your family being victimized by these mites ever again. For more helpful DIY advice, call us (800-479-6583), email us (askapro@solutionsstores.com) or live chat with us online.



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