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More Pests

While the usual suspects when it comes to pests are roaches, bed bugs, mosquitoes, rodents and the other irritating critters on our main pest category list which are known to frustrate and frighten us, there are other pests which can invade a home, business or yard and can't be fit into one of the main categories. They can be found here on our "more pests" page. From pigeons, to gophers, to scorpions, to beetles and everything in between, you can find here our ever-expanding list of pests.

Insects are called pests because they have a knack for tracking food and shelter in places we don't want them to be.

All pests have special abilities that help them thrive in many different environments, including in and around our homes. They also have various defense mechanisms: nasty bites and stings, stinky odors and other icky ways they try to ward off predators and others that they may feel threatened by. Pests also have various unique characteristics that can make them stand out. If you ever have trouble figuring out what type of pest you have encountered in your home, you can refer to this page or you can even contact us directly at identification@solutionsstores.com with a photo of the bug and we will help you to properly identify the critter and give you helpful suggestions and product recommendation for its control and prevention.

Browse to learn about the various pests on each individual page and best of all, find out the best means of controlling them using DIY pest control products from Solutions Pest & Lawn.

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