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MGK Manufactured Products

Solutions Pest & Lawn is a proud to be a long-time distributor of the MGK brand of insecticide concentrates, aerosols and dusts. We have had a long relationship with MGK over the years and highly recommend their products to our customers because they are not only proven to work and eliminate whatever problem which emerges on lawns, but they also come at an affordable price that we are proud to honor.

Whether you are trying to maintain a residential area or a place of business, MGK products are sure to deliver and put a stop to a large number of common household pests.

About MGK 

MGK® develops and markets a broad portfolio of branded insect control products based primarily on natural pyrethrum and synthetic pyrethroids. In addition, we develop custom solutions for insecticide manufacturers around the world that meet a wide variety of insect control requirements. All of our branded products and custom solutions provide effective solutions with a lower environmental impact.

MGK® was founded in 1902 by Alexander McLaughli whose principal business was grinding spices such as cinnamon and pepper, as well as plant leaves, barks, fruits, and flowers used in pharmaceuticals. In 1908, the firm was incorporated with partners George King and John Gormley. By 1915, MGK was importing a variety of botanicals, including pyrethrum, and providing its customers with products of consistent and assured quality.

Natural Pyrethrum

In the 1920s MGK hired Charles Gnadinger, a chemist with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, to conduct investigations into the standardization and MGK’s work on refining, of pyrethrum. Because of Gnadinger‘s brilliant work on extraction, MGK consistently offers high-quality pyrethrum-based insecticides suitable for household and industrial pest control.

Four generations of family management have guided MGK since its founding in 1902. This long tradition of stability and continuity is a major reason why MGK has earned the respect of the business and scientific communities.

The twenty-first century will present numerous opportunities and challenges for our industry. From new regulatory enactments, to new competitive forces, to rapidly evolving insect species (and perhaps new species); change will be a constant. MGK is prepared to meet the future of unique challenges. 

Browse our selection of MGK manufactured products below. If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to reach out to us for help either via phone, email or live chat.

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