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Liquid Baits

There are many different types of pesticide formulations and within these formulations there are even varieties of a particular formulation, for instance, bait. You may know about gel baits which are great for indoor pests like ants and cockroaches, or solid baits which can come in granules or bait blocks (particularly for rodents), but there are also liquid baits that are wonderfully effective in eliminate problematic insects and animals which one may encounter. 

At Solutions Pest & Lawn we carry a number of different professional grade liquid baits some are brand names which have a proven reputation in the pest control industry, others are  lesser known brands which provide the same efficacy, but typically at a lower cost, hough they are just as good. Best of all, you don’t have to be a certified pest control technician to use them. On this page, we will briefly teach you about liquid baits, how they work and their  numerous benefits. You can also shop our top recommended liquid baits by using the search bar.

What is a Liquid bait formulation? 

Liquid baits are pesticides formulated in liquid fashion. Most baits, no matter which way they are formulated start with an active ingredient which is then mixed with food the target insect enjoys or an attractant carrier. When the insects consume the bait they also eat the active ingredient which often works in a slow killing method to allow for the target insect to have time to take the bait back to their nest or harborage area and share the bait with the rest of the infestation. Rodents however consume the liquid bait and die.

Most liquid insecticide baits are concentrated sugar solutions. They are packaged in ready-to-use bait stations to kill ants and cockroaches. Liquid insecticide baits are used primarily for controlling ants and cockroaches, particularly ones that like to feed on sugar. Liquid rodenticides are to be mixed with water and made available for rodents to drink.

Ideal Conditions For Using Liquid Baitsliquid bait uses

As a safety measure, liquid rodenticide baits are usually mixed with water and placed in specially created bait stations. Liquid baits can be used in sites where sanitation is lacking.Unlike traditional food-based baits which often have to“compete” with other food sources. As is the case with solid baits, liquid baits must be placed in bait stations and set in safe, strategic location while following label directions and taking care to protect kids, pets and other creatures that the liquid bait is not intended for.


Benefits of Liquid Insecticide Baits

Some benefits of an insecticide liquid bait is that they are often packaged as ready-to-use so you don’t have to do any mixing and can get right to applying the bait. Liquid ant baits are very useful in controlling ants which like to feed on sugar. Ants that feed on liquid baits often carry this material back to the colony which ideally leads to the achievement of a domino effect kill of the entire infestation.


Liquid baits that target rodents will often control rats and mice where there are plenty of other food options but where rodents are unable to find water.


Drawbacks of using Liquid Baits liquid bait benefits

Some disadvantages of liquid baits are that some types of insects that you hope to target with the bait will not feed on liquid bait. In that case you may need to use another form of bait instead (solid, granule or gel-based). Also because these baits are liquid, you must refill or replace liquid containing bait stations quite frequently which may be cumbersome for applicators.

Popular Liquid Bait Products We Have In Stock.


Terro PCO Liquid Ant Bait - Terro-PCO is a liquid ant bait with a unique super-sweet attractant. It instantly attracts ants, which flock to it in minutes. Terro-PCO is a green pesticide that can be used by your Pest Management Professional in a Green Pest Management program designed specifically to protect your home.

liquid bait how toHow to use Liquid Baits

Liquid baits are quite simple to use though it is best to check the label for the proper application.

1. Wear chemical resistant gloves and long sleeves anytime you are applying liquid baits or insecticides.

2. Liquid bait may come in pre-filled bait stations or you may have to fill bait-stations manually yourself. Check the product directions for specifics.

3. If the bait you have is pre-filled, break the pre-filled baits apart from the plastic frame.

4. Place baits, label side up, near insect trails or close to where the target insects are most active. Place additional baits anywhere the insect may enter the home. For best results, use seven multiple baits stations to ensure sufficient supply for the target insect.

5. Monitor regularly for activity, but DO NOT interfere with the insect activity or baits. Replace with additional baits when first set is depleted.

6. Once the target infestation is controlled, replace baits every three months to keep the insect from returning.


Shop our selection of liquid baits products on this page and if you ever need help selecting the best product for your particular pest issue, call us at (800) 479-6583 contact us at askapro@solutionsstores.com and our helpful representatives will give you the help you need.

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