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Exclusion With Copper Mesh

Often the best way to deal with pest control problems is to prevent them from happening to begin with. That is why exclusion is being stressed more and more to prevent rodents and insects from dealing with your home. Exclusion is a safe way to prevent and keep unwanted animals, insects and rodents from your home because it often doesn’t involve the use of chemicals. One important technique to reduce the chances of rodents coming into your home is exclusion with copper mesh.

At Solutions Pest & Lawn we carry professional copper mesh exclusion products. The best thing about this product is that you don’t need to be a professional to apply this on your home as it is easy for any DIYer to pull off. On this page, we will inform your about the copper mesh exclusion  technique, the benefits of using copper mesh and how to apply the mesh properly. You can also shop our copper mesh products here.

What is copper mesh? 

Copper mesh is a highly flexible and versatile material which involves a soft copper material woven in such a way that it creates a sort of wire fence. Due to the copper being a softer metal it is used for a variety of different reasons. 

Copper wire mesh is ductile, flexible and has high thermal and electrical conductivity. Although it is softer than a similar stainless steel wire mesh, it is also resistant corrosion from various elements and compounds.

Aside from pest control exclusion, copper wire mesh is a popular option for many different types of industries, including designers, artists, architects, electricians and homeowners. Homeowners and designers use copper mesh for residential projects including gutter guards, soffit screens, insect screen, fireplace screen, or even custom manufactured infill panels or decorative wall panels.

Ideal Conditions and Situations for Applying Copper Mesh Exclusioncopper mesh benefits


Exclusion is essentially a homeowner’s first line of defense against a rodent infestation. The idea behind this integrated pest management tactic is that it’s much easier (and safer for the environment) to simply keep pests out than to attempt to eliminate an infestation once it takes hold. Unfortunately, because rodents are small and sneaky, many commercial buildings and residences have plenty of points of entry for rodents to gain access indoors via squeezing through cracks, holes, plumbing pipes and other openings which can be doorways for rats and mice.


Copper mesh is an excellent way to exclude rodents from crawling into tights spaces. By stuffing copper mesh into holes and openings and other possible points of entry, rodents will be unable to crawl through and will have to go elsewhere to find a place to gather and cause destruction. It’s difficult for rodents to chew through and destroy.


Benefits of Using Copper Mesh

copper mesh benefits

There are a number of advantages that using copper mesh as a means of exclusion brings. Here are just a few of the reasons why its such an important exclusion tool:

  • - Flexibility: the moldable and adaptable properties of copper mesh make it simple to incorporate and work with. The material can be formed and fit into tight spots to fill voids.

  • - Quality: despite the fact that it is delicate, copper mesh can withstand harsh conditions, allowing it to endure and last for a long time.

  • - Water-resistant: outdoor and in-water installations of copper mesh are possible because it does not get damaged or otherwise altered by moisture.

  • - Low thermal expansion: copper has high electrical conductivity, but at the same time is highly tolerant of heat and works well in maintaining shape and volume.

  • - Bacteria-free: bacteria do not grow on this kind of mesh, which is an especially important factor for those that are health conscious and don’t want a health hazard

  • - Sturdiness and simple upkeep: copper mesh structures keep going quite a while and don't require any special maintenance measures

Drawbacks of using Copper Mesh

There are really not any noteworthy drawbacks of using copper mesh. They are affordably priced, easy to use and apply and are durable and long lasting and get the job done right to keep rodents, birds and other insect pests out.

Popular Copper Mesh Products We Have In Stock


Stuff-It Copper Mesh - Stuff-it is an important part of rodent exclusion because it's made of the finest ingredients such as brass, copper and other inert metals. It is rustproof, stainproof and works great to seal weepholes and around plumbing, A/C, vents, and other places where rodents and insects enter.

How to use the copper meshCopper mesh usefulness


1. Start by performing an inspection around the home to see where you could find gaps and holes where the copper mesh would be useful.

2. Pull out the roll of copper mesh and snip off the amount you need for a gap or opening.

3. Crumple up the mesh and work it into the opening to essentially create a barrier that rodents won’t be able to go through. You may need to use an instrument such as a stick to help you shove the wool in tighter gaps.

4. And that’s it! Repeat the process on all gaps and openings until your entire home is covered.

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