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How To Control German Cockroaches

If you have waken up in the middle of the night to head to the kitchen, when you turn on the lights you may be startled to see an infestation of roaches scurrying on the tile or the counter. These types of roaches are most likely German cockroaches, the most common and widespread cockroach found in the United States. These roaches are a particularly frustrating pest to control because they are persistent and multiply at high speed, breeding at a rate of up to six generations per year.

If you have German cockroaches infesting your home, you need to act quickly or else their population will get out of control. Solutions Pest and Lawn has the best professional-grade roach control designed to specifically target German cockroaches and we will explain to you how to eliminate them the easy way.

Browse our German cockroach control products below and if you have any questions or concerns or would like more detailed helpful advice from our experts, don’t hesitate to reach out to us via phone, live chat or email!

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How to Get Rid of German Roaches: 4 Step Solution

German roaches can drive you to your wits end when it comes to control because they are not only a persistent pest but they are highly adaptable. A bait or spray that you use may work for a little while but then they will develop a tolerance for it and can resist the poison to the point where its completely ineffective. Not to worry, there are ways to tackle these stubborn pests and we have outlined a simple guide below for you to follow:


Step 1: Identification. German roaches are quite distinctive from other cockroach types. They are about 0.7 inches and 3 inches in length. German cockroaches are a brownish to black in color, except for when they molt. German cockroaches have oval-shaped bodies which often appear flattened. Many species have wings, though not all can fly, and roaches move very quickly.

What does the German Cockroach look like?

Step 2: Inspection.
A thorough and detailed sanitation is the most important step if you hope to eliminate outbreaks of German cockroaches in your home. You can have the best control products and sprays out on the market but they will be rendered useless if this step is done haphazardly. German cockroaches need 3 things to survive in your home-food, water, and shelter. The way to eliminate these from the home requires rolling up your sleeves and getting to cleaning. Clean your home, especially the kitchen thoroughly to make sure no crumbs, grease or oils are left behind. Regularly take out trash and vacuum. Removing water sources by keeping areas dry and fixing leaks in plumbing etc. Seal off holes, cracks and crevices with caulking to take away areas of harborage for roaches.


Step 3: Control. Once the home is sanitized you can then carry out control measures. We suggest a multi-pronged approach as opposed to a single method of control. A combination of baits (Apex) sprays (Novacide) and dusts (D-fense Dust) should be used so if roaches are resistant to one method, they may be more responsive to another method. Sprays should be used to create barriers and to get into hard to reach areas where roaches like to hide. Baits are also effective in that they contain attractants roaches enjoy and will take back to their harborage area and share amongst one another, ideally creating a domino effect that will kill off the whole population. Make sure not to spray where you have applied the bait. And IGR like Gentrol Point Source should also be applied to prevent roach eggs from hatching.


Step 4: Prevention. Once the roach population has been depleted, you should work to discourage German cockroaches from returning through preventative measures. Regularly inspect your home for roach activity and maintain a regular cleaning routine, daily, weekly and monthly to make sure the place is properly sanitized and unwelcoming to roaches.  There is no need to spray the exterior perimeter of the house with an insecticide because they do not move into homes this way. Make sure to inspect anything before bringing it into your home for roaches.


Learn More About German Cockroaches

Despite it’s name, German cockroaches don’t originate from Germany at all and are believed to have originated from Southeast Asia. German cockroaches are easily recognizable from their 2 dark stripes that run along behind their head and down their back. Adult German cockroaches are light to medium brown and range in size from about ½  inch to ⅝ inch long. The young German roaches (nymphs) are smaller than adults and are wingless. They have a light stripe on their backs and are usually nearly black in color.

German roaches are actively mostly at night and like to hide out in warm, humid places while in close proximity to food and moisture. Roaches found during the day may indicate a very heavy infestation that should definitely be concerning. German cockroaches will eat just about anything but their main diet consists of food that humans leave behind or don’t properly clean up and dispose of.

Cockroaches in your Electronics? Save Your Gadgets With These TipsCockroaches can ruin your electronics

Like most of us, after a long, hard day at work or school, we just want to relax and enjoy some entertainment. Whether it’s binge watching a TV show or firing up our favorite game console for a gaming session, we love to use our electronics to decompress and enjoy ourselves. BUT--guess who else loves our electronics as much as we do? German Roaches!


Cockroaches typically like to hide in our homes and forage for food but they also like to find warm, dark and secluded areas where they can stay nice and toasty and lay eggs. Electronics provide just the perfect environment for them to gather around.


Whether it's a hefty power supply plugged into an outlet, a game console, or even an internet router, before long the electronic can become crawling with roaches, feces and eggs aplenty. Game consoles and broadband internet routers in particular can become a hotbed for disgusting roaches because they tend to get hot because we use these appliances a lot.


If your game console seems to crash and be acting up all of a sudden, take a closer look, it may have become a nest and breeding ground for cockroaches! And it doesn’t have to be an old appliance either as roaches will jump right on appliances that are brand new if nothing is done to reduce their infestation.  


Clocks, TVs, radios, video game consoles, laptop batteries, you name it, none of them are immune to roaches who love to nuzzle up next to their warmth. The presence of German roaches is not only gross and annoying, it can potentially be costly because they can potentially damage your expensive electronic appliance.


When cockroaches are wander around in the darkness of a console or a TV, they touch high voltage components – these component often zap them to smithereens, and also short out your product leading to costly repairs or replacements if you don’t intervene.


While it can certainly be gross to see all the roach guts, feces and body parts all up in your favorite electronic appliances, you can put a stop to the cockroach gatherings with a number of different chemical and non-chemical methods. Solutions Pest & Lawn has the tips you need to save your precious gadgets from German roach infestations.


Freeze the Cockroaches Out

Cockroaches may loves the heat of our electronics, but they sure hate the cold. They hate it so much because it kills them. When cockroaches are exposed to freezing temperatures they die pretty quickly. So a non-chemical way of killing the roaches in your device if it’s on the smaller side is to seal it in a plastic bag and place it in your freezer for a 3 to 5 days. If you live in a cooler area that has freezing temperatures, bag it and place the item in your garage.


Make sure before you carry this out you know that the device can withstand low temperatures. Electronics with LCD screens will be damaged is exposed to those conditions for such a period of time. When the roaches have died out and you bring the item back to the warmth, allow time for the product to dry out since condensation will occur when the cold appliance returns to warm operating temperatures.


Blow Them Away

Grab yourself a can of compressed air with a thin spray tip and blow those pesky buggers out of all the nooks and crannies of your electronic device. This is gonna be a icky job as cockroaches will be flying out and will start to scatter. We suggest doing this outdoors. Once you get all the eggs, feces, guts and roach body parts out, you can then focus on eliminating your roach issue in your home so they don’t seek solace in your precious device again.


Eliminate Roaches with Solutions Insecticides

Often, the electronic appliance is too large to go with the freezer method to kill the roaches off or blow them outside. If this is the case for you it’s time to use a chemical means of elimination. To avoid risking further damage to your electronic product, we’d suggest avoid insecticidal sprays and going with bait products.


Dusts which contain boric acid or diatomaceous earth will kill roaches effectively once they walk over a dusted area. We suggest using a dust like D-Fense dust in this case. Dust should also be applied around the home where you’ve seen roaches traveling (under furniture, around the kitchen, in cabinets etc).


You should also combine the use of dusts by applying gel bait in and around the high activity areas where you have seen roaches as well as around the electronic appliance itself. Gel baits such as the highly recommend Apex gel bait, contains attractants which the roaches cannot resist trying. Bait gels act as a slow killer, allowing the roaches time to take the bait to their nests and share amongst one another which leads to a domino effect, killing the whole lot of them.


If you would like to use a spray as an added control measure, we suggest using Fipro Foaming Aerosol. This spray immediately foams up and creates a deadly barrier and can be safe to spray inside outlets. We don’t suggest spraying onto or into the appliances tho but to mainly use it as a crack and crevice spray.


Repeated treatments will be necessary to ensure all roaches are killed. Every couple of weeks renew the treatment methods until you don’t see any more roaches around the device. You should have the problem resolved within a couple months.


Clean Up Your Console

Once you are completely sure that the German roach problem has been eliminated from your electronic appliances you will need to give it a thoroughly cleaning. Unplug the item, bust out a screwdriver and open it up so you can remove all the eggs and fecal matter from the appliance. We recommend not using water or liquid cleaner but rather use brushes and soft cloth or Q-tips.


If it’s a new device make sure that the warranty is not voided by opening the product up. Game consoles tend to have a void sticker. In that case do the best you can from the outside by blowing and gently shaking all the roach droppings out.


By using these tips above and being consistent and persistent, you can rest assured that your electronics will no longer be a cockroach hangout spot. No one wants those disgusting things mucking up their gadgets and by following our advice, they no longer will be able to.


Go check out our roach control section for product recommendations and more helpful DIY advice.


Frequently Asked Questions About German Cockroaches

How Do You Kill German Cockroaches?

If you want to get rid of German roaches in your home, it can be difficult or easy depending on what control methods and roach killer products you are using. German cockroaches can not be easily controlled with roach killer products you find at big box stores or the cockroach sprays you may notice at your local supermarket aisle. For long lasting control that takes out the entire german roach colony, you will need to invest in high quality professional grade roach killer sprays and gel baits. That is exactly what we carry here at Solutions Pest & Lawn. A combination of an attractive cockroach gel baits and cockroach killing sprays as well as a detailed sanitation of your home will give you roach control which will last for a long time.


Where do German Cockroaches Come From?

German cockroaches can infest a home or place of business from a number of different ways. They can hitch a ride on food items at the grocery store or may come from the home of your nearby neighbors (especially if you live in an apartment). No matter the case, German cockroaches are everywhere and if you have food laying around in your home, they will sense it and will come in droves to enjoy a meal. This is why it is so important to keep your home clean, wipe up crumbs and spilled food, take out the trash regularly and seal cracks and crevices that can serve as a point of entry in your home.


What Attracts German Cockroaches To A Home?

German roaches are not picky eaters. They will eat just about anything that has some bit of nutrition that they can enjoy. They are especially are attracted to meats, cheeses, greasy and sweets. So basically, anything you like to eat, they like to eat to and that's reason enough to target your home.

Are German Cockroaches Dangerous?

German cockroaches may rarely ever bite or sting but they can be dangerous when it comes to spreading disease and making you sick. German roaches are common carriers of disease and   much like flies, hang around filthy areas which they walk over and come into contact with. This will make them pick up any disease or bacteria that is laying around and will allow them to spread disease through contact with food preparation surfaces rather than through bites. Pathogens associated with the German cockroaches include: Salmonella, ShigellaE. coliStreptococcus, which causes pneumonia, and various parasites like hookworms, pinworms, and tapeworms.
German cockroach feces are also known to cause a strong odor that is known to cause breathing issues and aggravate those suffering from asthma.


Get Rid of Cockroaches Like The Pros Do!German cockroach

Have you had enough of gross German cockroaches scurrying around in your home?   If you want to get serious about killing those pesky German cockroaches, you can start by throwing out all those stinky ineffective sprays you get from the big box retailers. Solutions Pest & Lawn can teach you not only about this nasty creature, but also we’ll show you which German roach killer products and techniques actually work to get rid of German cockroaches for good!


You’re not alone when it comes to dealing with the irritation of German cockroaches in your home and their persistent behavior. German cockroaches are the most common #1 cockroach pest.  Despite their given name, German cockroaches aren’t actually native to Germany. It is believed that they originally came from Asia.


So why is the German cockroach the world’s most frustrating pest?

There’s 3 Main Reasons:


1. Their rapid reproduction. Just one pair of German cockroaches can pump out 800,000 cockroach babies in a single year.

2. German cockroaches are a domesticated cockroach meaning they actually prefer living in our homes over anywhere else. They love us, but we don’t share the same sentiment.

3. They are resistant to most convention insecticides. Due to overuse of sprays, highly adaptable German cockroaches have developed a resistance over most typical cockroach sprays you’d find at the store. Spray all you want with that weak stuff; it will have no effect and the cockroaches will carry on and continue to multiply.


How To Approach DIY German Cockroach Control The Right Way

Killing and eliminating German cockroaches is not a walk in the park.  There is no ultimate product that will kill all German roaches and buying sprays from your local department store is not going to cut it. The products which actually are effective in getting rid of German cockroaches are professional grade and are not going to be sold anywhere but a place which specializes in pest control, such as Solutions Pest & Lawn.  We recommend not wasting your money on what doesn’t work.


Seeing even one German cockroach, especially in the daytime, on your wall or on a surface should be a big cause for concern. Where there is one cockroach foraging around, there are potentially hundreds or even thousands nested up where you can’t see them. They aren’t just sitting still either, they are growing their family bigger and bigger!


As hopeless as this all sounds, it is possible to successfully get rid of German cockroaches and keep them at bay, that is, if the right insecticides and treatment techniques are applied.  Unfortunately, millions of dollars are wasted every year on over the counter sprays that do little to nothing to stop infestations.  Some of our customers have told us that they have spent hundreds of dollars on German roach killer products from Wal-Mart or Home Depot and all have failed to eliminate the problem.


Thankfully, if you’re on our website, you’ve come to the right place to learn what works and how you can get rid of German cockroach infestations yourself. Our DIY methods will save you a lot of money in the long run and that feeling of accomplishment when your home is roach-free is priceless. Here are some DIY approaches which work:


Step #1 – Inspect to Determine Severity of German Cockroach Infestation

Any good control program begins with a good inspection. Before you can carry out an inspection, you will need to learn about some of the tendencies of German cockroaches. For one, they love heat. This is seen by roaches congregating and leaving all their droppings near electronics, appliances and power supplies. It’s nice and warm for them.


German cockroaches also love water and moisture.  Damp, moisture heavy areas are essentially breeding grounds for bacteria and fungus which they use as their food source.  In very severe German cockroach infestations,  heat, water and fungus will be where they will be found since it is the building blocks of their sustenance. These are all they need to survive and thrive.


German cockroaches will hide inside walls, under stoves, behind dishwashers, refrigerators, etc.  When they are hidden and out of sight, the infestation can quickly grow to alarming rates right under your nose without you even knowing it.


German cockroach population can get really out of control because of their rapid reproductive rates. The female German cockroach can often be seen carrying an egg capsule with her until it’s ready to hatch and then she’ll release it. In those egg capsules can be as many as 50 baby cockroaches, known as nymphs.


One of the best ways to gauge just how big of a german cockroach infestation you are dealing with, wait until it’s night and turn the lights off in the kitchen. Wait a little bit then head back to the kitchen late at night and quickly flip the light back on. Then you will see the creepy reality of how bad your infestation really is.  German cockroaches do all their food hunting and activity at night when you’re sleeping and it’s pitch dark. If there are no German cockroaches found during the day then it is probably safe to assume that the infestation is “low”. However if you even see German cockroaches in the middle of the day, be very concerned as the German cockroach population must be very big for that to happen.


Another big indicator about the severity of a German cockroach infestation is the dropping they leave behind on or behind appliances and electrical outlets. German cockroaches are known for leaving their droppings which look like coffee grounds everywhere they frequent. This oddly sweet yet off-putting odor is a big sign that you have a severe infestation.


Determining the severity of the German cockroach infestation during inspection is crucial before you move on to any other control action.  If the infestation is mild, then you will not have to work to hard to kill off the population.  If you have a very severe infestation, then it would require a full-blown German cockroach control program which involves multiple methods of attack.


Step #2 – Sanitize Your Home And Eliminate Food Sourceswipe up crumbs

Proper sanitation is a vital part of getting rid of German cockroaches and should be the main focus before bringing any professional German cockroach control products into the picture. You have have the best insecticides on the planet work but without a thorough and detailed cleanup of your home, you won’t be able to make even a dent to the German cockroach invasion.


German cockroaches are not picky eaters. These bugs are relentless scavenger that will eat practically anything edible that they can find. They’ll even eat grease spills if there is any. German cockroaches also need water to live. As mentioned earlier, heat, water and food are the three elements that must be present for German cockroaches to survive and thrive and breed like crazy.


A thorough sanitation and cleanup should accomplish the goal of drastically reducing or completely eliminating their food and water sources. Also decluttering helps a lot in giving cockroaches less hiding spots.


Sanitation also helps to improve the effectiveness of the products you apply.  Insecticide dusts and powders won’t be effective in a wet area, as they need to be dry to work. Gel baits won’t be effective if there is crumbs and other food sources around competing with the gel bait.  The same goes for insecticide sprays. When you take away their food and water by wiping up well and keeping everything dry and then lay out bait and dust, the cockroaches will have no choice but to consume what they see.


In order to truly be successful in eliminating German cockroaches, you will need to use a combination of insecticide dusts, baits and sprays. But if there is poor sanitation, no amount of product will be enough to eliminate their presence. This means sweeping and wiping up everything, especially under your appliances. You should also always dry your sink and make sure there's no dripping water or moisture anywhere before you go to bed.


To sum it up, a spotless kitchen is 90% of the battle against a German Cockroach infestation. German roaches become easier to control after your home is sanitized properly. Then the other 10% is simply applying the professional grade control products while doing your best to stay clean around the home and the products will take care of the job.


The tools necessary for german roach controlStep #3 – Apply Professional Grade DIY German Cockroach Control Products

After gauging the German roach infestation, knowing their hot spot areas and thoroughly sanitizing your home, you can really get to breaking out the big guns to kill off German cockroaches invading your home.


Unfortunately, there are no single ultimate product which can achieve total German cockroach control.  German cockroaches are adaptable and are constantly developing resistances to pesticides so the pest control industry is always coming out with new formulas to keep German cockroaches guessing. German cockroaches can even develop resistances to professional grade products which makes eliminate German cockroaches all the more frustrating.


This is why the experts say that when dealing with a German cockroach invasion, you need to use multiple products and methods of treatment so that if one product doesn’t kill the roaches, another one will.


The experts here at Solutions Pest & Lawn comprise of longtime pest control professionals and licensed entomologists who have painstakingly studied and tested German cockroach products and formulas and we have compiled the best products to apply for maximum results in a German cockroach control program. Here is what we recommend if you want to get rid of German roaches fast:

  • Cockroach Gel Baits – Attractive baits which contain food cockroaches enjoy (sweets and proteins) mixed with lethal potent and slow-killing insecticides. Used inside of cabinets, around packaged food, utensils, along counters, and practically anywhere German cockroaches are found.  Gel baits are applied in tiny “pea size dots”.  Example: 50-100 pea size bait placements may be needed in a kitchen, an entire house may need 150 or more.

  • Insecticide Dusts – A powder form of insecticide that will reach places where other insecticide formulation are not able to reach. Typically applied inside walls, voids, cracks and crevices.  Dust should not be visible when applied.  Electrical outlet plates and plumbing accesses can be removed to apply dust inside of walls and voids.

  • Insect Growth Regulators – Used to control and slow down the rapid reproduction habits of German cockroaches.

  • Liquid Insecticidal Sprays –  Used for immediate knockdown and kill of exposed German cockroaches and as a barrier treatment for German cockroach prevention.

Here are our top recommendations of professional products for German Cockroach Control:


Apex Cockroach Gel Bait

Apex Cockroach Bait Gel


How it works – Apex Cockroach Gel Bait works not only by killing the cockroaches that eat it, it also offers an amazing secondary kill of roaches to achieve a powerful domino effect that will wipe out the entire German cockroach population.  German cockroaches are such a disgusting creature that they will feed on their own fecal droppings and even dead bodies of other cockroaches. Apex uses this fact to its advantage in its bait to achieve a transfer effect.  When cockroaches feed on Apex, the chemical is transferred to them and they will share the product among other roaches, killing all of them.  


How to apply – Apply pea size “dots” in corners of cabinets and drawers.  A typical cabinet has 3 shelves, so 12 placements would be necessary for each cabinet.  Place these dots in the very corner of the shelf so that you don’t have to take anything out.  There is no need to place the bait on wax paper or bottle caps, apply it directly to wood, tile, counters, etc.  Don’t get the bait on plates, utensils or food.


Apex Gel Bait can also be applied in tiny dots along counters, behind refrigerators, corners of window sills, corners of rooms, door hinges, among other areas. Electrical outlet face plates can be removed and bait placed inside of switches and boxes.


How often to apply – Every 10 days – 2 weeks until the German cockroaches stop eating or you don’t see them anymore.  We advise you not to just use the bait once. This will require some repeat applications until the population succumbs to the poison completely.


D-Fense Dust

D-Fense Dust

How it works – D-fense Dust is a commercial strength insecticidal dust that kills cockroaches and other crawling pests.  When an insecticide dust is applied into cracks, crevices, walls, voids and other spaces, it poisons the area making it uninhabitable to insects.  D-fense Dust kills the German Cockroaches when they either absorb it into their body or through grooming of their body parts and digestion.  Most insecticide dusts last several months and only need to be applied 1-2 times per year.  D-Fense Dust is non-repellent to German cockroaches.  Once applied, cockroaches can’t sense it, and they will crawl right through it.  Non-repellent dusts are very useful in controlling German cockroach infestations.


How to apply – Using a small hand duster, apply D-Fense dust into walls, cracks, crevices, voids, attics, crawl spaces and other hidden areas.  Remove electrical outlet plates, rings around plumbing pipes and other covers that lead into walls.


Place the tip of the hand duster into the crack or void and lightly “puff” the dust. All you need is just a light coating of dust. Too much dust and the cockroaches will avoid it.


Apply D-fense Dust to all cracks, crevices, and similar areas will kill exposed German cockroaches and poison their hiding places.  Make sure not to mix cockroach gel baits with insecticide dust as it will contaminate both and render them ineffective.


If any dust is exposed after application, simply wipe it up with a wet cloth.  Dust applications should be made only in areas where it is not visible.  Application of insecticide dusts along baseboards and inside of cabinets is not a proper treatment and not recommended.


How often to apply –  Twice a year. A D-Fense dust treatment only needs to be carried out every 6 months in most cases due to its long-time residual.


Gentrol Point Source Insect Growth Regulator

 Gentrol Point Source IGR

How it works – Gentrol Point Source IGR is an insect growth regulator containing Gentrol, a juvenile growth hormone that hinders a German cockroaches ability to grow and reproduce. Think of it as birth control for cockroaches. When Gentrol is used in a German cockroach environment, they are affected by it causing them to grow and mature improperly.  Adult German cockroaches that are affected by Gentrol are essentially sterilized, while cockroaches nymphs tend to mature with deformities, which is also an indication of sterility.  Gentrol Point Source will help to reduce the breeding population of moderate – severe German cockroach infestations in as little as  90 days.

How to apply – Gentrol Point Source IGR comes in the form of a disk shaped pad that contains a “vial” of Gentrol.  The vial is broken by hand by pressing and gently bending it.  The Gentrol is then absorbed by the cloth contained in the disk.  The Gentrol is then slowly released into the environment.  Place Gentrol Point Source Disks under each sink, and behind refrigerators and washing machines.  These areas tend to be prime German cockroach areas of activity.


How often to apply – Quarterly. For best results, re-apply new Gentrol Point Source Insect Growth Regulator discs every 3 months.


Follow Our Plan For Total German Cockroach Control

By following our 4 step German Cockroach Control process and using using our recommended products, we guarantee you’ll achieve complete control of German cockroaches in your home.  As we mentioned earlier, sanitation is key in your German cockroach control efforts.


If you’re ready to tackle this task yourself, we have a German Cockroach Control Kit that contains everything you need to proceed with the treatment process.


This kit also works well for other species of cockroaches such as Brown Banded Cockroaches, American and Smoky Brown Cockroaches, Oriental Cockroaches and Asian Cockroaches. Check out our cockroach control headquarters to learn about these species.


So there you have it, a DIY German cockroach control plan that has been tested and approved by professionals. By following this strategy, you can kill German cockroaches, eliminate their infestations and prevent them from returning.


If you need help or have additional questions, please feel free to contact us at askapro@solutionsstores.com or call us at 800-479-6583.


Addition Pro Tips For German Cockroach Control

  • Use professional grade products.  Generic sprays and baits found at local retail stores  won’t work. Don’t waste your time or money with inferior products. You won’t kill German cockroaches with those smelly sprays. German cockroaches won’t go near those sprays and are resistant to most of the brands you see in stores. Your best bet is a combination of baits, dusts and insect growth regulators.

  • Place bait in areas that pets or young children can’t reach.  You don’t want cockroach bait to be tasted by your loved ones.

  • Applying Products is Not “One and Done”.  Applying bait and sprays once and expecting it to kill the entire infestation is just not reasonable.   If the bait is gone, then keep re-apply until you see that they aren’t eating it anymore.

  • Sanitation is crucial.  Thoroughly declutter your home and kitchen and leave no food particles behind. .  Vacuum and wipe down counters.  Don’t leave water or dirty plates in sinks overnight.  Wipe down sinks nightly to remove any moisture.  Pouring a small amount of bleach down drains will keep roaches out of them.

  • Focus your treatment around food, water and heat sources.  German cockroaches need all of these elements for their survival.  

  • Follow up regularly.  Not following up will allow the infestation to keep growing and spreading.  

  • Be patient.  Pest control is a process that will take time. You can’t expect instant results. If you stick with the plan and are diligent, your effort will pay off and results will come.


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