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Cockroaches can be a specially irritating pest to have in the home and there are many pest control product found on store shelves which try to address their infestations. However, few are as effective as a product which contains a powerful active ingredient used in a number of cockroach baits. This active ingredient is called indoxacarb and is a popular chemical used in the Advion brand of insect control products.

On this page we will give you an overview of this amazing active ingredient and why it works so well to wipe out cockroach and ant invasions. Here you can also be able to shop all of our indoxacarb based pesticides which we have in our inventory at Solutions Pest & Lawn.

What Is Indoxacarb?

Indoxacarb (Chemical name:(S)-methyl 7-chloro-2,5-dihydro-2- [[(methoxycarbonyl) [4- (trifluoromethoxy)phenyl]amino]carbonyl]indeno[1,2-e][1,3,4] oxadiazine-4a(3H)-carboxylate) is a relatively new insecticide first produced by DuPont Professional Products and marketed in the U.S. under a variety of different brand names. It is also the main active ingredient used in Syngenta produced insecticides such as Advion.

Indoxacarb was initially registered to the EPA in the year 2000.In its original form, indoxacarb is a white powdered substance. Indoxacarb comes in a number of different formulations, including tablet, broadcast granule, water dispersible, granule, and suspension concentrate. It is also used as an indoor gel bait.

Pest control products which contain indoxacarb are usually used on a wide range of crops for ants, roaches, and other sucking pests.

How Indoxacarb Is Used

Indoxacarb belongs to the oxadiazine chemical family with a relatively new mode of action compared to other insecticides. Indoxacarb’s primary mode of action is the blockage of nerve sodium channels. In detail, indoxacarb interferes with a group of ion channels by inhibiting the flow of sodium ions into nerve cells.

This flow of sodium ions is essential to nervous system functioning. Disruption of these channels causes tremors, cessation of feeding, paralysis and eventually death of insect pests. The process begins immediately but it is slow acting with it possibly taking a few days for the insect to die.

Browse and shop our indoxacarb active ingredient products below. For more information about indoxacarb or other active ingredients in our pesticides, please call us with your questions at 800-479-6583 or email us at askapro@solutionsstores.com.

Featured Products Which Contain Hydramethylnon

  • Advion Cockroach Gel Bait - Advion Cockroach Gel, from Syngenta, is the most popular German roach bait on the market. The roach poison in Advion, Indoxacarb, is safe for use in even the most sensitive of application sites. When used in combination with cockroach taps Advion will exterminate all cockroach infestations.

  • Advion Ant Bait Arenas - DuPont Advion Ant Bait Arena contains the same active ingredient as Advion Ant Gel, Indoxacarb. Combining this powerful active ingredient with a proven bait matrix, Advion Ant Bait Arenas give you the reliability of a gel bait, with the ease of a bait station, eliminating any and all mess. Stations should be placed in areas seeing the most activity.

  • And more!


Common Ways To Use Indoxacarb

Indoxacarb based products are registered to be used in various settings such as in agriculture to protect apples, pears, lettuce, cabbage, corn, soybeans and corn. Indoxacarb is also currently registered for residential and commercial sites for control of ants, cockroaches, wasps, centipedes, stinkbugs, and other household pests, including on cats and dogs for fleas.


Is Indoxacarb Safe To Use?

Indoxacarb is designated by the EPA to be a “reduced-risk” pesticide and is considered an organophosphate (OP) replacement. It has moderate to low acute and chronic toxicity and does not cause mutagenic, carcinogenic, developmental, or reproductive effects. Some neurotoxicity was present, but often at fatal doses. When used according to label directions, it can be safely used without issues.


Regardless, it is still important to wear protective safety equipment when applying indoxacarb to protect against the product being inhaled, coming into contact with your skin or eye contact. Again it is vital to read the safety label for proper application instructions and safety measures to take.

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