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How To Control Creeping Signalgrasscreeping signalgrass

There can be a number of weeds that can grow on a lawn that can be baffling to most. One of the most baffling is a weed known as Creeping Signalgrass (also known as broadleaf signalgrass). This weed is not only confusing to land owners who see this weed creep up on their turf but even that name can make people scratch their heads in bewilderment as to what the name means. Creeping signalgrass is actually a kind of grass that often gets confused for crabgrass. If your lawn has an outbreak of creeping signalgrass, there is an answer to control it with the help of tips and herbicide recommendations from Solutions Pest & Lawn.

Creeping Signalgrass Background Information

Creeping or Broadleaf signalgrass (Brachiaria platyphylla – syn. Urochloa platyphylla) is a warm season weed that often emerges in ditches, disturbed areas and fields. It looks very similar to large crabgrass, but is actually a species of its own. The way to differentiate between the two is to check for the presence of a membranous ligule. Crabgrass has these while creeping signalgrass does not. Another way to tell the difference is to check for hairs on the leaf, which crabgrass has while creeping signalgrass doesn’t.

Creeping signalgrass weeds primarily a problem in agricultural areas, especially where corn is being grown and can significantly reduce yields. On a residential lawn, creeping signalgrass tends to spread very quickly and can overtake a lawn with their presence.

How to Get Rid of Creeping Signalgrass

Creeping signalgrass have trouble establishing as seedlings if they are regularly tilled in the soil. However, if they are already well-established, controlling the grassy weed via herbicide may be necessary.  While hand pulling is an effective means of control for those wanting to go the organic route, if there is a lot of creeping signalgrass on your land that might be too much work to do so manually. Fortunately, we have some steps and recommendations below which will take care of the creeping signalgrass problem quickly and efficiently.

Step 1: First you need to be absolutely sure that the weed you have growing on your lawn is indeed creeping signalgrass. If you aren’t able to identify it from the image we have posted or the descriptions provided, contact us via identification@solutionsstores.com. Send us a clear photo of the plant and we will properly identify it and then give you a control plan with herbicide recommendations.

Step 2: Once you are certain it is creeping signalgrass it is time to carry out control measures. We recommend using a pre-emergent herbicide early in the spring to prevent the weed from establishing itself on the lawn with Celsius WG. However if signalgrass is already established on your lawn this won’t do any good and post-emergent herbicides would be necessary.

Step 3: Use a post-emergent herbicide like RoundUp Quikpro  or Eraser 41% Glyphosate as this is when the plant is still young and isn’t fully developed yet, making it more vulnerable to chemicals. Be forewarned that these are non-selective herbicides meaning it will kill all plantlife it touches so be careful when applying it around desired plants. Follow the label for recommended rates and application methods.

Step 4: If your field or area suffering from heavy signalgrass presence, you will need a tandem attack of both pre-emergence and post-emergent herbicides. We recommend using a pre-emergent herbicide in early spring to kill seedling weeds and then follow up with a post-emergence herbicide that is systemic like glyphosate.

Browse our creeping signalgrass products below and as always, feel free to email us or give us a call and one of our friendly representatives will assist you with your order or with any lawn care problems you have.


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