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Insects like bed bugs, fleas and ticks are a terribly frustrating problem to have when they have invaded your home due to their itchy biting. Often times, using the run of the mill insecticide products at your local department or big box store will not be enough to kill these pests. 

However, these biting insects may have met their match in the form of professional products which contain the active ingredient of propoxur, a fast-acting insecticide which can deliver a quick knockdown of fleas and ticks on pets, ants, and more.

Solutions Pest & Lawn is proud to carry products which contain propoxur in our inventory of professional grade insecticides. On this page, you can learn more about propoxur and why it works so effectively to kill even the most stubborn of pest invasions as well as shop the propoxur contained products we have in stock

What is Propoxur?

Propoxur (chemical name: 2-Isopropoxyphenyl N-methylcarbamate) is a popular active ingredient which comes from the carbamate family and is used as an insecticide. Propoxur is also known by another name, Baygon, and is used to control household insects and pests of domestic animals. Propoxur has been considered among the top 10 most popular home and garden pesticides in the United States.  

Propoxur was first introduced in 1959 and manufactured by Bayer and registered for use in the United States by the EPA. In recent years, propoxur has been discovered to be very effective on bed bug populations, with use of Propoxur aerosol with scientific tests showing an impressive 100% mortality rate of bed bugs.  

Propoxur is a white powder that is soluble in water. It is also a non-systemic insecticide which comes in a variety of formulations such as wettable powders ; dusts , granules, oils, emulsifiable, concentrates 200 g/litre, pressurized sprays, ready to use aerosols and baits.

How Does Propoxur Work?

Propoxur comes from an insecticide family known as carbamates. Propoxur and other carbamate products mode of action is via acting as reversible inhibitors of the enzyme acetylcholinesterase. These chemicals block the production and action of cholinesterase, an essential nervous system enzyme. 

As a resul, propoxur and other carbamate chemicals quickly paralyze the nervous systems of insects, which produces a rapid "knockdown" effect.  Carbamate insecticides such as propoxur are regarded to be a revolutionary breakthrough in the pest control industry. 

View our selection of propoxur formulated products below. For more information about propoxur or other active ingredients in our pesticides, please call us with your questions at 800-479-6583 or email us at askapro@solutionsstores.com.


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Featured Products Which Contain Propoxur

Invader Aerosol - Invader Insecticide from FMC Professional Solutions contains 1% Propoxur and is used as a wood or crack and crevice injection spray. This flushing insecticide is designed for places such as pipes, between walls, cabinets, door frames, and work shelves. Invader provides a quick kill and several weeks of residual.


How is Propoxur Used?

Propoxur can be successfully used against mosquitoes in outdoor areas, for flies in agricultural settings, for fleas and ticks on pets, as an acaricide, on lawns and turf for ants, on flowering plants, and in private dwellings and public buildings. It is also used as a molluscicide, a chemical that kills snails. It is effective against cockroaches, aphids and leafhoppers. It is not to be used on food crops.


Is Propoxur Safe To Use?

Parapoxur is classified as highly toxic to humans but according to reports from the World Health Organization “propoxur is not considered mutagenic, embryotoxic, or teratogenic. As with most pesticide products and chemicals, adverse effects can be caused in human by skin contact, inhalation, or ingestion, so always read the product label thoroughly and make sure you are applying it in the safest way.


We recommend when using propoxur products to wear personal protective equipment such as goggles, a breathing mask and long sleeved clothing.  

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