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Pyriproxyfen Nylarpyriproxyfen

There are a large variety of pesticides which deal with adult insects, but another useful item to totally eliminate an infestation such as mosquitoes, ants, fleas and the like is with an insect growth regulator which specifically targets the many eggs laid by these pesky insects, stopping them from growing and hatching. An active ingredient which does a great job of doing this is pyriproxyfen, also commonly known as nylar.

On this page we will share with you some background information on pyriproxyfen (nylar), a popular active ingredient for insect growth regulators like Tekko Pro and Pivot 10. We will cover its beginnings and mode of action which makes it effective. Here you can also shop the insecticide products we have in stock which are based with pyriproxyfen.

What Is Pyriproxyfen?

Pyriproxyfen (Chemical name:4-Phenoxyphenyl (R/S)-2-(2-pyridyloxy)propyl ether 2-[1-(4-Phenoxyphenoxy)propan-2-yloxy]pyridine) is an insecticide insect growth regulator from the pyridine family and is used to control insect infestations such as cockroaches, mosquitoes, and fleas.  IGRs such as pyriproxyfen are used to disrupt the life cycle of insects in the egg stage and larvae stage of development by mimicking a natural hormone in the insect. Essentially, chemicals like pyriproxyfen serve as “birth control” for pests, keeping populations under control by preventing current and future infestations.

Pyriproxyfen was first registered for use in the U.S. by the EPA in 1996 to protect cotton crops against whitefly. It’s also used to protect other types of crops. In the U.S., it’s often sold under another name, Nylar. 

Pyriproxyfen is registered in the U.S. for flea and tick control in the home and on pets, as well as indoor and outdoor ant and roach control. Formulas include carpet powders, foggers, aerosols, shampoos, bait, and pet collars.

How Pyriproxyfen Works

Pyriproxyfen is known as an insect growth regulator and doesn’t actually kill insects and will have no effect on adult insects.. By imitating the natural insect hormones which prevent young insects from maturing into adults. Pyriproxyfen can affect an insect if it is touched or eaten. However, pyriproxyfen is rarely toxic to adult insects. Instead, it disturbs egg-laying and egg-hatch and keeps young insects from growing into adulthood. This prevents target insects from multiplying.

View our selection of insecticide products which contain pyriproxyfen  below. For more information about pyriproxyfen or other insecticide active ingredients, please call us with your questions at 800-479-6583 or email us at askapro@solutionsstores.com.

Featured Products Which Contain Pyriproxyfen

Pivot 10 IGR Insect Growth Regulator - Pivot 10 IGR with Pyriproxyfen is a specially formulated insect growth regulator that is effective on many tough pests including fleas, ticks, cockroaches, flies, and mosquitoes. Pivot is the first generic Pyriproxyfen with residual efficacy up to 7 months. Pivot 10 is similar to Gentrol IGR and Precor IGR but is photo-stable and lasts longer.


Nyguard Insect Growth Regulator - Nyguard Insect Growth Regulator by MGK can effectively break the reproductive cycle of the toughest insect pests, including cockroaches, fleas, mosquitoes, ants, and flies. Nyguard inhibits flea reinfestation by fleas for up to 7 months and is also labeled for use in food areas of food-handling establishments.


Archer Insect Growth Regulator - Archer Insect Growth Regulator contains Pyriproxyfen which is designed as a juvenile hormone mimic. Archer acts similar to insect growth hormones that are naturally in insects and acts on the life stages of the target insect, preventing the adult from developing and in certain species of insects it can affect the reproductive organs.


And more!


How Pyriproxyfen is Used

Pyriproxyfen products are used on a variety of indoor sites including homes, offices, warehouses, restaurants, hospitals, and greenhouses. Commercial formulations of the insecticide include aerosols, liquids, and impregnated materials (i.e., bait stations)


Pyriproxyfen has been widely used on numerous field and greenhouse crops for controlling pests such as whiteflies and aphids.It’s also added to ponds and catch basins to kill mosquito larvae. And it’s used for pest control at residential and industrial sites, both indoors and outdoors.


Pyriproxyfen can successfully target and regulate fleas, ticks, ants, roaches, bed bugs, and other stored product pests.


How Safe Is Pyriproxyfen?

According to the EPA, hydroprene is classified as having low toxicity. Pyriproxyfen’s acute toxicity is low for all routes of entry. It’s practically non-toxic when swallowed, and slightly toxic when inhaled or applied to skin. Though it doesn’t irritate skin and isn’t a skin sensitizer. Pyriproxyfen is minimally irritating to eyes.


As a precaution, we recommend following safety procedures found on the instruction label and wearing the proper protective equipment (long sleeve clothing, gloves, breathing mask and protective eyewear).

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