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Pesticide Aerosols

Among the variety of pest control formulations, there are to tackle common household pests, aerosol sprays are perhaps one of the fastest ways to kill unwanted insects. Here at Solutions Pest & Lawn, we highly recommend using aerosols as part of your control program to tackle frustrating pests such as bed bugs, wasps, fleas and termites.

Aerosols are fast acting, effective and best of all they are easy to use. You don’t need to be a pest control expert to use them. On this page you will learn a little about pest control aerosol sprays, their benefits and you can also shop our top recommended aerosol sprays exclusively on this page.

What is a Pesticide Aerosol Formulation?

An aerosol is a fine mist of liquid, or lots of solid particles, widely and evenly dispersed throughout a gas. The term “aerosol” is also used to describe the can in which the contents are stored and once sprayed become an aerosol mist. A pest control aerosol is when the liquids contain an insecticide to target pests.

The aerosol can is a pressured container which has a mechanism designed to turn the liquid insecticide into a finely dispersed mist. The aerosol spray originated in 1926 by Norwegian inventor Eric Rotheim. Rotheim discovered that a product could be sprayed from an aluminum can that had been injected with gas or liquid to build pressure.

Aerosol cans contain two different substances: the liquid product (in this case, an insecticide) and a pressurized gas called a propellant that helps to push the liquid product into the air and turn it into an aerosol cloud.

The main component of an aerosol spray that makes it all work is the valve on the top of the can. This valve is just underneath the button pressed to initiate spraying and contains a spring which prevents it from staying permanently open. By the force of pressing down the button against the pressure of the spring, it allows the valve to open and releases the pressure stored inside the can thus causing the contents to escape the container and disperse into the air as an aerosol. By releasing the button the spring closes the valve again.

Conditions for Using Aerosol Sprays

Aerosol insecticide sprays are especially good for applying in hard to reach places such as cracks and crevices, baseboards and around plumbing. It is also good for spraying to knock down flying pests in or around the home. Aerosol sprays are also good to use as a low cost space spray in areas that have significant infestations of the target pest.

Aerosols are commonly used to control insects such as ants, bedbugs, bees, cockroaches, house flies, silverfish, spiders, wasps and termites both indoors and outdoors.


Types of Aerosol Sprayscracks and crevices

1. Contact kill aerosols - As the name states, contact kill aerosols deliver an almost instant kill for any pest which comes into contact with the aerosol insecticide. Contact kill sprays often contain a pyrethoid or other active ingredients which detrimentally affect the central nervous system of the insect, resulting in paralysis or death. The one caveat is that many contact sprays are unable to kill insects in other phases of the life cycle (larvae, pupae and eggs) and just knock down the adult. These aerosol types are ideal for when you are looking to incapacitate or kill an insect quickly (like an attacking wasp)

2. Residual aerosols - Residual aerosols are insecticidal sprays which leave a residue after being applied which continue to kill any insect that comes in contact which the treated area. These types of aerosol sprays are best used when you have the patience to wait for the insecticide to spread throughout the entire colony as bugs cross over the application area. Most contact sprays kill only the bugs you see, residual sprays kill the bugs you don’t see which come later.

3. Non-repellent aerosols - These types of aerosol sprays trick the insects without them even knowing it. Whatever area you treat with a non-repellent aerosol, the bug will go right through it and not have a clue that there is a poison laid out to kill them. This gives the bugs ample time to return to their colony and get a more massive kill. If you have the patience for this slow-killing spray, you will benefit from a larger amount of the insect infestation dying. 

4. Insect Growth Regulator Aerosols- Insect growth regulators are chemicals which serve as a form of birth control for the eggs that insects lay out. When eggs are sprayed with an IGR they will be unable to hatch or grow to their next phases and eventually die out. IGR aerosols are often mixed with one of the above aerosol types to get a multi-kill.


Baerosol benefitsenefits of Using an Aerosol Spray

Aerosol Pesticides are among the easiest forms of pest control methods that a DIYer can use. They are easy to store away when not used and are easy to apply just like any of your other typical aerosol products you use around the house. 


Aerosol sprays come ready to use with no mixing necessary. Aerosol sprays also often come with an applicator tip which can be attached to the aerosol nozzle and can be injected into tight cracks and crevices.Aerosol sprays produce less waste of chemicals compared to other more expensive insecticides because they are metered and each spray is designed to deliver a controlled amount of poison.


Aerosol Spray Drawbacks (When NOT to use Aerosol Sprays)

Aerosol cans contain a limited amount of insecticide so they are not intended for large scale applications. The cost per use is quite high since they are considered ready to use and premixed.  If you have a larger infestation to deal with it would be better to use to use an insecticide concentrate mixed in a pump sprayer to cover more ground rather than using multiple aerosol cans.


Popular Pest Control Aerosol Products We Have In Stock

Pyrid Aerosol- Pyrid is a product that was developed in-house by Solutions Pest and Lawn using the information we've gathered and the experience we have in dealing with pests. Pyrid contains naturally occurring pyrethrin which comes from the extraction of the chrysanthemum plant and is environmentally friendly.


Novacide - is an aerosol insecticide with IGR, for effective control of many pests. It combines 4 different chemicals into one, easy to use, aerosol can. Novacide controls fleas, ticks, german roaches, pantry pests, mosquitoes, silverfish, ants, and other listed insects. Novacide comes with a 100% money back guarantee and will prevent pest insects for up to 7 months.


FiPro Foaming Aerosol - is the first fipronil product approved for crack and crevice use inside and outside of structures. It contains .005% fipronil in a foaming aerosol can for easy application. It is comparable to Termidor foam from BASF. Use Fipro to control ants, termites, stink bugs and other pests inside and out.

How to use the formulation.aerosol spraying

Aerosol sprays are quite simple to use though it is best to check the label for the proper application of an insecticide spray.


1. Give the aerosol can a shake before applying to agitate the formula and ready it for application.

2. Use proper PPE (personal protective equipment) for your application. At bare minimum we recommend using gloves and a protective mask if you are doing any kind of space spraying.

3. Spray the targeted area. Aerosols usually come with a thin applicator tip for crack and crevices to help the product reach pests hiding in tights areas, or a fogger tip for broad applications.

4. Press the button and spray evenly until the area is finely coated with the spray.

5. Keep all pets and kids off treated areas until dry. We recommend to wait at least half an hour before it’s safe to return back to the area where the aerosol has been applied.


We hope this page was informative for you to learn about one of the best formulations and methods of pest control. Shop our aerosol products now and if you have any questions or concerns direct them to our phone number at 800-479-6583, email us at askapro@solutionsstores.com or initiate a live chat with us on the Solutions website and we will have a representative assist you.

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