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Precor 2000 Plus Flea Spray

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Get rid of fleas and ticks fast with Precor 2000. Precor 2000 is an easy to use aerosol to control fleas and ticks inside the home. It contains the insect growth regulator methoprene for 7 months of control against listed insects. Each can will treat up to 2000 square feet of area.

Target Pests

Fleas ticks ants cockroaches and other listed pests

For Use In

Precor 2000 can be used in homes kennels garages hospitals hotels motels offices schools supermarkets grocery stores buses boats ships warehouses cars vet clinics and other commercial buildings.


Apply flea spray indoors to various sites such as garages, kennels, carpets, rugs, wood flooring and tile. Precor® 2000 aerosol is effective on all hard surfaces, and heavier-than-air molecules go deep into carpets and upholstery where pre-adult fleas live.

Fast-acting formula

Includes Precor® insect growth regulator plus adulticides

Prevents flea build-up and reinfestation for 210 days

Single aerosol treats 2,000 sq ft

Coverage Area

Each can of Precor 2000 covers 2000 square feet.

Active Ingredient

Methoprene .085%, Permethrin .35%, Phenothrin .30%, N-Octyl bicycloheptene dicarboximide 2.0%, Piperonyl butoxide 1.4%

How To

Shake can well before use.

Prep the surface to be treated well before applying Precor 2000. Vacuum all floors including hardwood and tile.

Hold Precor at knee height and spray downward covering 100 square feet in about 10 seconds with a light mist.

Once finished spraying, leave the area for approximately 1 hour for the Precor to settle.

Once dry vacuum all surfaces every 2-3 days for 2 weeks.

For complete protection it is recommended to retreat with Ultracidein 2 weeks to get another chemical out. This will provide lasting flea protection and kill any resistant species.

Precor 2000 Plus Flea Spray

Kill Fleas And Their Eggs With Precor 2000 Plus Spray

Precor 2000 Plus Flea Spray is able to move deep within carpet and upholstery fibers, where developing fleas live. Precor 2000 also contains an IGR which attacks fleas which are still in the egg and larval stages of development, preventing them from producing new infestations of breeding, biting adult fleas.

Precor 2000 Plus Flea Spray contains permethrin and phenothrin which can kill adult fleas quickly upon contact. This makes it a great product on its own but ON TOP OF THAT, it contains Precor IGR which can put a stop to the upcoming generations of fleas with up to seven months of control.

Precor 2000 Plus Flea Spray Features:

* 2,000 square feet of coverage per can
* A fine mist, low odor aerosol that dries quickly without leaving a residue.
* Water-based for better coverage.
* Heavier-than-air molecules go deep into the base of carpets and upholstery to control flea larvae.
* The best way to eliminate fleas and reduce the need for repeat applicaitons

Precor 2000 Plus Flea Spray Usage:

Use Precor 2000 Plus to treat ant, roach, flea and tick infestations in homes, garages, kennels, carpets, rugs, drapery, furniture and cushions, pet sleeping and bedding areas, in hospitals, hotels, motels, offices, schools, supermarkets, transportation equipment (buses, ships, trains, trucks), and other residential, commercial and industrial buildings. 

Shake well before using. Identify areas where pets frequent such as resting and sleeping areas. Precor may be used to treat infested automobiles. Prior to spraying, thoroughly vacuum surrounding area and cover exposed food processing surfaces and utensils. Seal and dispose of used vacuum bags properly to prevent re-infestation. Remove pets from the treatment area and cover/remove exposed food. Check for staining before using this product on any surface. Spray onto fabrics and surfaces. Hold the can upright, push down the button and spray approximately 2 to 3 feet from a surface. Apply lightly and uniformly to surfaces. Treat surfaces until they are slightly damp. Do not over-spray any particular area. Reapply every two weeks if necessary. Leave the room immediately after treatment and ventilate before reentering. One can covers 2000 square feet of surface. Consult the product label for more details. 

Precor 2000 Plus Spray Target Pests:
Controls all stages of flea (egg, larvae and adult) and can also be used against Ticks, Ants and Cockroaches.



Guaranteed Flea Control Kit - has everything you need for total flea control.


Petcor Flea Spray - dont forget to treat your pets for the fleas that are on them.


Homeowner Chemical Safety Kit - when handling any chemicals, keep your skin and eyes safe.

Product Q & A

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Is it harmful if comes in contact with skin?
Patty L on Apr 27, 2018
BEST ANSWER: As a veterinarian, I would recommend washing any areas of accidental skin contact with soap and water as soon as possible. I wash my hands afterward and briefly hold my breath while activating foggers. Minor exposure to a light mist that you can’t feel is not a big deal, but if you can feel it on your skin, or get it in your eyes or mouth, you should flush it clean with warm water (and soap for skin) ASAP. It’s designed to kill fleas, not people, but it is a foreign chemical that you don’t want needless exposure to. I have used these chemicals for decades safely. The can should also have warnings and remedies listed for different types of exposure. Hope this helps!
Why did the spray run out after only about 400 sq.Ft? I feel cheated. Followed directions carefully. Sprayed only a light mist, no puddleing, etc.
A shopper on Oct 10, 2017
BEST ANSWER: A single can treats 2000 square feet. Hold container upside down 2-3 feet from the surface, point actuator towards the surface and push button. Using a sweeping motion, apply a light, uniform spray to all surfaces of furniture, rugs, carpets, drapes, and around all pet resting areas. Avoid thoroughly wetting surfaces. Mist treated areas only until "slightly damp". Do not over-treat. When applying the mist you are wanting to cover everything but also moving at a fast pace.
Hi, does this spray kill fleas? If not, what should I use it with to kill fleas. I can't get rid of the fleas in my one bedroom apartment. I've tried everything. Vacuuming every other day, spraying with Precor and leaving the apartment for one week.
missy on May 23, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Yes, Precor 2000, Ultracide and Novacide will all work to kill adult fleas and stop the population for growing, all for about 90 days.

These flea control aerosols will work the best for flea control, can be applied to any type of flooring or furniture. You are doing the correct thing by vacuuming, but the Precor alone will take along time to control all the adults, because if effects the life cycle over multiple generations.


Checkout our flea control recommendations: https://www.solutionsstores.com/knowledge-base/fleas-ticks/flea-and-tick-overview

Customer Reviews

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It was ok. It didn't kill all of them but it did some. It made everything wet for a long time because I sprayed a lot on different rugs and bedding; thinking that it would have killed more. It's expensive for one single bottle spray of it so, I'm glad that I was able to find it on Solutions Stores. Amazon was more expensive to get this product so, I'm glad that this family business had it for a less expensive price.
October 22, 2017
9 months ago
Response from Solutions Stores
Thank you for your feedback, the spray is meant to be applied as a fine mist in a sweeping motion, it will kill all the adults that come in contact with the spray. There can be a noticeable increase in fleas in about 10 to 14 days because the eggs will start to hatch, but there should be enough to kill them. Here is some information on getting rid of fleas, https://www.solutionsstores.com/flea-control
October 23, 2017
Camille L Staff
Definitely works!
Worked like a charm. Will be buying more just for any future occurrences. Thank you!
September 29, 2017
10 months ago
Good product, actually works!
We still had a few fleas survive bombing the house twice, 2-3 weeks apart, with Precor 2000. However, these Precor bombs worked massively better than the bombs I bought elsewhere that said they also had an IGR, but these other bombs didn't slow the fleas down much at all. After two rounds of Precor, we occasionally found a few immature fleas on our cats. The cats were getting Advantage II drops, too. After I stopped the Advantage II, I put Seresto collars on every cat, I have seen no more fleas. We never had a serious issue, but one flea is too many for me. Between Precor and Seresto, we finally got rid of the last ones. Don't waste your money on the bombs made by Raid or Hot Shot. I suspect fleas are developing resistance to many chemicals that used to work great. You may have to use a combination of products.
September 22, 2017
10 months ago
Would recommend this product to anyone.
Great product, does what it is supposed to do. Applied a number of applications to achieve the results we were looking for. Very easy to use. Killed every bug that came in and around the treatment area .
August 19, 2017
1 year ago
Quick fix with long term protection (so I hope)
I think there are many insecticides that are powerful enough to kill fleas. The important point for me is just strong enough to kill fleas but with minimum harm to pets. Humans know what to do, but pets don't. I cannot vacate my cats from the apartment for hours like some products require. Spray works well and fleas seem to have been reduced significantly. Hopefully, the long term effect remains at least 14 days, like label says. I will buy this again as needed.
November 4, 2015
Roy in SW Florida
I am a retired Certified Pest Control Operator (20 years) I am familiar with the old school chemicals. This product was recommended for control of brown dog ticks. It does nothing to control them!. It is a good product for fleas but we do not have that problem. It also does not cover 2000 square feet. Our home living area is much less than that and half is tile. It took a and 1/2 cans to treat the carpet areas. It has the correct chemicals for fleas but do not buy it for ticks!.The product is easy to use.
April 28, 2014
Finally, a product that worked
I was very impressed with this product and would highly recommend it before trying other in store products or hiring a pest control company.
October 7, 2013
WOW! I am totally impressed with this product it is absolutely amazing
September 24, 2013
Finally a product that WORKS!
When I say I tried EVERYTHING I mean it. Salt in carpet, foggers, flea powder, collars & even Frontline. I also tried Flea shampoo... vinegar in the water.... the bowl of soapy water at night and NOTHING worked. I was getting bitten up worse than the dogs. PRECOR 2000 SAVED THE DAY. I sprayed it about 3 weeks ago and have seen about 2 fleas since I sprayed. If you have a flea problem, please order this ASAP... you won't be sorry.
August 7, 2011
Very effective product
I started using the Precor 2000 Plus Premise last year for flea control and found out very quickly that it an excellent product. I recommend it highly. Easy to use but be sure you vacuum daily after application for a least a week.
April 2, 2011

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