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Thermal FoggersProfessional Thermal Foggers

Insect foggers typically come in two categories. ULV foggers which use cold air in the fogging process or thermal foggers which use heat. While the objective of both foggers are the same--to control and eliminate insects--they both have their own unique attributes. Solutions Pest and Lawn carries thermal foggers which provide excellent control to insects and can cover a large area with ease and convenience. 

Thermal foggers use heat to vaporize a fogging solution and spray it out or a nozzle in form of a fog. Thermal foggers have a heat barrel which when turn on, raises to high temperatures using either a propane gas or electricity depending on the type of a fogger. The fogging solution which we carry like Pyrocide 100 Fogging Insecticide or CSI 4-4 Mosquito Fogging Insecticide come in liquid form, and when they are pumped into the heat barrel, they instantly turn into vapor without being diluted and losing their effectiveness. This allows the fogger to produce large count of particles in extremely small size, which altogether forms a dense cloud of fog.

One thing that Thermal foggers has over ULV foggers is that due to it being powered by heat, thermal foggers have advantage of producing particles in smaller size than ULV foggers and the fog is also easily visible, which helps during application and directing the solution where you want it to go.

Tips on Using Thermal Foggers

  • Fogging is not just an excellent method of controlling mosquitoes, it is also great for cockroaches, ants, flies, spiders, fleas, ticks and a variety of other household pests. The fog is able to reach into the smallest of cracks and crevices. Since the particles are so small, they remain suspended in the air for a substantial duration of time.

  • Thermal fogging can also be done outdoors and is very commonly used for mosquito control. Many fogging concentrates are formulated specifically for mosquitoes but will work for multiple outdoor insects.

  • It is extremely important to use safety equipment when using a thermal fogger to apply pesticides Often times it is recommended to use a respirator. Be sure to read the label of the product your purchase as it will instruct you of the minimum amount of protective equipment needed during application.

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Show Bugs You Are Serious About Pest Control With A Thermal Fogger

Thermal foggers are an essential pest control product to use when there is an overwhelming swarm of flying insects that you are dealing with around a structure. There are two main types of thermal foggers which include ones powered by gas or via electricity. No matter the type of power source, thermal foggers primarily utilize heat to take the preferred insecticide solution and vaporize into the air where it forms a dense cloud of fog that has the ability to penetrate areas found outdoors which may be difficult to treat for flying insects any other way like around shrubbery, grass, tree tops and many other areas. 


Thermal foggers are a reliable method of flying insect control via outdoor fogging, particularly to control mosquitoes. Due to the fact that thermal foggers work with high temperatures, they are only supposed to be used outdoors and are deemed unsafe to use indoors, especially if there are flammable materials around. 


The fog produced by a thermal fogger is thick, in a white to gray color and is easily visible, so you can have a better control over the areas you are fogging. With a cold fogger, the fog produced mostly is transparent and odorless, so it is harder to see which places the fog is reaching, especially when fogging an outdoor area in higher wind conditions.


At Solutions Pest & Lawn, you can rest assured that our high quality thermal foggers will not disappoint. Benefit from our fast free shipping by ordering a thermal fogger today.


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