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Insecticidal Dusts

Dusts are an essential instrument to have whether you are a pest control professional or a at-home DIYer. There are many problem pests which take to products that are delivered in dust form and often prefer it to the other formulations of pesticides you’ll find out there. Among some of the common species of pest which are effectively controlled via insecticidal dusts are roaches, fleas, bed bugs and ants. 

Insecticidal dusts are very handy in many pest control treatment programs because they retain their insect killing power over a much longer period of time, and will continue controlling the pest population long after the initial application. Also, aside from the longevity, they are also safer to use compared to most conventional pest control methods. There are even insecticidal dusts that have organic and natural ingredients.

At Solutions Pest & Lawn you can find all of the insecticidal dusts as well as helpful accessories that will make dusting easier to execute so you can eliminate those problem pests from your home and save money doing it as opposed to hiring a professional pest control service to do your insect dusting for you. 

On this page, we will briefly teach you about insecticidal dusts, how they work and the numerous benefits they bring. You can also shop our top recommended insecticidal dusts here on this page.

What is an insecticidal dust? 

An insecticidal dust is a formulation which comes ready-to-use and usually consists of an active ingredient and an inert carrier that is very fine and dry. The active ingredient contained in an insecticidal dust is usually a low percentage usually 10% or less by weight. A few insecticidal dust formulations however are concentrates and contain a much larger percentage of the active ingredient and thus, these concentrates would have to be mixed and diluted down with the dry inert carriers before applying.  

Common dry inert carriers include finely ground talc, clay, volcanic ash, nut hulls and nutshell flour. The carrier is used to dilute the active ingredient, making it possible to spread the dust evenly over the treated surface. 

According to most professional pest control experts, dusts are believed to be perhaps the most effective of all insecticide formulations for killing crawling insect pests. When applied into wall voids, dusts penetrate into hard-to-reach areas where German cockroaches hide. Dusts can be easily picked up by crawling insects because the active ingredient stays on the surface where insects can be exposed.

Not all dust kill insect the same way. While some kill insects by destroying the wax layer of the insect cuticle in causing treated insects to dehydrate, others affect the neurological system which ultimately leads to death There are two primary ways insects are killed: absorption of the cuticle wax by the silica and abrasion of the cuticle wax.


Ideal Conditions For Using Insecticidal Dustsdusts 1


Dusts are always used dry. They are often used for seed treatments and in some other agricultural operations. Some ornamental and garden pest management products aimed at homeowners are dust formulations. In building structures, dust formulations are useful to treat cracks and crevices and for spot treatments to control insect pests. Dusts are also a good tool to control lice, fleas, and other external parasites on pets and livestock.


Insecticidal dusts should be a common tool used in a comprehensive pest control program along with liquids and baits. Dusts should be used alongside these products because they will be able to reach places the other products can’t reach, like tight cracks and crevices and wall voids. They also have a longer residual effect and will keep on killing for a much longer period of time.


The great thing about insecticidal dusts is that there are many different options which are effective in killing pests, some of which are environmentally friendly and safe around pets and humans. These include silica gel and diatomaceous earth.


Diatomaceous earth is a popular active ingredient of insecticidal dusts due to it being naturally-occurring and for being relatively safe to humans. DE is made by grinding a mineral called diatomite. Diatomite is silica from fossilized diatoms a sea organisms which has existed for over 180 million years. Diatomaceous earth in its powder form behave like little shards of glass to insects, tearing into their insect shell when they come in contact with it, absorbing their oils and nutrients and killing them via dehydration.


Silica gel consists of tiny spherical beads of silicic acid and is synthetic and produced commercially.


There are other special insecticidal dusts known as tracking powders that are effective for insect and rodent monitoring and control. These products are finely ground dusts that are used as a stomach poison or contact.. Insects and rodents walk through the dust, pick it up on their legs and bodies or feet and fur, and either ingest the poisonous dust when grooming or by killing them on contact. Tracking powders are effective in sites and situations where bait acceptance is poor (for example, where food sources are plentiful).


Benefits of Insecticidal Dustsdusts 2


Insecticidal dusts come mostly ready to use with no mixing required. They can be effective where moisture from a spray may cause damage such as around electrical outlets and wiring. They also require simple equipment for application, such as a handheld or electronic duster  to allow for delivery in hard to reach indoor areas.


Studies have shown that dusts can be used effectively over a wide range of moisture conditions. The results of the research disprove the long-held belief that dust formulations are ineffective when applied to areas with high humidity.


Drawbacks of Insecticidal Dusts 

Like other formulations, dusts have some limitations. On exposed surfaces, dusts may be unsightly, and if excessive amounts of dusts are applied, the deposit may be a repellent to insects. Care should be taken when filling dusting equipment and when applying dusts in enclosed areas. They are ineffective against most flying insects like mosquitoes and flies.


Other disadvantages include that insecticidal dusts have tendencies to easily drift off target during application. Dust residues often do not adhere to some types of surfaces compared to liquids (for instance, on foliage) as they may easily wash or or get blown away.


Dusts may irritate the eyes, nose,throat and skin during application and they pose a high inhalation exposure risk. If it is too damp or moist, the product may clump or may clog equipment. It also can be difficult to get an even distribution of the insecticidal dust particles during application.

Popular Insecticidal Dust Products We Have In Stock


D-Fense Dust - D-Fense Dust is a new Deltamethrin Dust. Both D-Fense Dust and Delta Dust have 0.05% Deltamethrin as the active ingredient and the dusting formulations are waterproof and won't clump. D-Fense Dust is a ready to use insecticide dust which gives an effective knockdown and residual control of up to 8 months if undisturbed. This product should be applied using a hand duster or power duster equipment. Find this in our 100% Guaranteed Bed Bug Kit.


Flea Stoppers -  FLEA STOPPERS works by dehydrating and kills fleas in two stages of the life cycle. Flea larvae, which hatch from the eggs, ingest the material and because it is a dessicant, it causes them to become constipated because there is not enough moisture to move their bowels. Consequently, they are poisoned by their own wastes and die, never developing into an adult flea. The adult flea is also killed by the dehydrating action of the granules. In addition, the product is made from specially formulated boric acid, which has a toxicity level close to everyday table salt, making it safe for use around children and pets. Simply sprinkle the product over carpets.


Viper Insect Dust - Martin's Viper Insect Dust, with Permethrin may be used for various uses. This garden dust may be dusted on vegetables, fruits, and flowers in gardens to kill listed insects such as leafminers, armyworms, cutworms and more types of garden pests.


Surrender Fire Ant - Surrender Fire Ant Killer by CSI is a dust containing the active ingredient Acephate. This product is specifically designed for the elimination of Fire Ants. Surrender Fire Ant Killer can treat over 100 fire ant mounds! This product can be used as a dust or even mixed with water and used as a liquid insecticide for drenching deep down beneath fire ant mounds.

dusts3How to use Insecticidal Dusts


Note: Most of the dust equipment you can find comes with a top which serves as an applicator. However, the applicator tip often is not as effective as a handheld duster. We recommend using handheld or electrical dusters for a more convenient application.


1. To use the handheld duster, just pop or twist off the rubber top, fill the duster about halfway with your preferred choice of  dust, secure the cap back seal.. Flip the duster over so the bulb is pointing down and the straw is above it.

2. Next, take off the protective cover on the tip of the straw, and give the bulb a gentle squeeze to start dusting.

3. When applying dust into cracks and crevices and on surfaces, gently squeeze the duster to ensure the application of very thin layers of dust. When dusting correctly, you should barely be able to see the dust emerging from the tip of the duster.

4. To get into electrical outlets, unscrew the electrical outlet faceplates then spray a light amount of dust. One puff should be enough. Please be careful when doing things and making sure not to puff dust onto the electrical outlet itself.

5. Treat between carpet and baseboards, cracks and crevices, around plumbing and in other hard to reach places until the area is thoroughly treated.


Shop our selection of insecticidal dust products on this page and if you ever need help selecting the best product for you, call us at (800) 479-6583 contact us at askapro@solutionsstores.com or live chat with us on our website and we’ll be glad to help.

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