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How To Control GeeseGoose

If you live near a pond or you’re the manager of a commercial property such as a golf course or industrial park, you may have had encounters with geese. As harmless as they are to us humans, geese can certainly be an irritant when it comes to them trespassing upon areas they aren’t wanted and leaving heaps of messy, smelly goose droppings on lawns, gardens and walkways. Geese on the property can also be a headache for landscapers who may have had to waste precious resources by replanting flowers and plants that a stray goose has either trampled on or eaten.

Aside from the above issues, those dealing with geese near their property have to also worry about goose droppings, which often carry diseases. If they venture upon your bodies of water, then you’ll have to drain and clean ponds and other fountains and decorations on your property. To sum it up, geese on the property can create a costly and time-consuming problem for you that will only get worse without intervention.

Goose control can be difficult since government regulations make it illegal to remove geese via lethal means. While you may have limited options when it comes to keeping them away from your property, there are ways to control geese and we have a way here at Solutions Pest and Lawn.


How to Get Rid of Geese - Solutions 3 Step Process

Getting rid of geese from your property can be tricky but it isn’t impossible. At Solutions Pest and Lawn we have put together 3 simple to execute steps that you can implement which can keep those unwanted geese from hanging around your pond. The product which we have to control geese is humane and safe to use and has been tested and proven to be effective. For best results, follow the steps below as depicted.

Step 1:  A key step that is necessary in reducing or removing the goose population is to not give them any access to food. Normally geese wander onto properties because of the allure of food and they stick around if they know they can get food regularly. Discouraging people from feeding the geese is helpful. Put up a “Don’t Feed the Geese” sign. Once geese are cut off from easily accessing food, they’ll avoid your land and head elsewhere.

Step 2: Make your property as unattractive as possible for geese. There is something about your property which geese like which keeps them around, getting rid of that attractant can help in eliminating the geese with ease. Restricting access to water by putting up fences and nets as well as allowing grasses to grow tall in ponds can make conditions undesirable for geese and they’ll fly off to find a more welcoming location.

Step 3: Scare off geese with a product like Terror Eyes Bird Repellent.Simply set up the repellent and it will immediately get to work, using its 3D moving eyes to terrify geese and any other problem bird which happens to venture on the property.

By following these simple steps above, you can rest easy knowing that your goose problem will be a problem of the past.. Browse our goose control products below and if you have any questions or concerns about your order or you need advice on control from a live expert, feel free to reach out to us via email or phone. We are ready to assist you with whatever you need!


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