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How to Get Rid of Poke Weed


About pokeweed

Pokeweed is also called pokeberry, inkberry or poke. It is an herb plant that contains purple berries and has a strong odor. The extract of the berry is used to color wine and other items as well. The roots of the stalks and leaves of the plants are poisonous. The color can be used to dye clothes and candy to get a purple color. It is usually found in North America, Pacific northwest and south eastern united states and  is used as a laxative and vomiting agent. It grows in wet sandy areas and the young shoots of the plant is edible.

Damage caused by pokeweed

The plant or herb is considered poisonous, the roots, leaves, stalks, stems and the seeds as well are lethal to our well being. The berries can be eaten but need to be cooked properly and the water or extract of the berry must be thrown out as that is also toxic to our health. The most poisonous substance in the herb is Phytolaccatoxin and Phytolaccigenin.

Intake of the pokeweeds roots can cause convulsions, heart attack, Muscle spasm, vomiting and Diarrhea etc.

Techniques for eliminating the forbidden pokeweed

  1. Putting your hands to work

Wear gloves and use a shovel to dig up the poke weeds, manually pull out the shoots of the pokeweeds. Grasp the plant and pull the herb out with strength and make sure the taproots come out as well. Use a shovel to dig a circle around the pokeweed 12 inches deep and 12 inch of diameter around each perennial herb plant (pokeweed).

  1. Weakening the roots  

Use spade, shovel and other equipments to loosen up the soil and dig up all the remaining tap root of the pokeweed from the hole of the dug up plant. This prevents the pokeweed from growing back.

  1. Churning the soil

The Rototiller is equipment that helps in further weakening the soil. After the entire tap root balls have been removed. This device helps in turning up and churning the soil. It can dig 12 inches deep to ensure all roots have been eradicated. Rake the areas to clean up the debris and search for any residues of the pokeweed roots. Collects all of it and put it in the wheel barrow for disposal.

  1. Drying up the pokeweed residues

All the collected branches, roots, decayed leaves and grass all of it should be dried up in the sun. Make sure it has been sunbathed and is completely dry before disposing it.

  1. Applying chemicals

Glyphosate 4 Plus Weed Killer Concentrate: The most effective chemical to work in removing the pokeweed is Glyphosphate. Wear gloves and mask. Make sure children and pets are far away from the affected area and spray the field of pokeweed wit Glyphosphate after all the above mentioned techniques have been used. Spray it over the leaves and kill the pokeweeds. It works in vascular system; it takes time to show the results but gradually you will start to see the roots of the pokeweed getting affected.

The other suggested chemicals are spot treatments like, DICAMBA and 2, 4 D. applying it on spot has effective results.

DIMETHYLAMINE SALT OF 2, 4-D: Add 2 tablespoon of the chemical with half gallon of water. Mix andpour the solution into a pump or spray. Apply the herbicide in the dug up areas to make sure the pokeweed doesn’t remerge.

DICHLOROPHENOXYACETIC ACID 2, 4-D:  Mix the chemical and water and stir it with a wooden utensil. Read instructions and apply the herbicide in the marked circle preventing the weeds from sprouting back.

IONIC SURFACTANThttps://www.solutionsstores.com/alligare-90-wetting-agent:  Add ionic surfactant to herbicide solution and stir with a wooden solution. Pour the mixture in a spray bottle and apply on each re emerged berry leaves. The ionic surfactant will make the herbicide work more productively.

  1. Repeating the process

You will have to be cautious and keep a watchful eye for pokeweeds. To make sure it does not grow back. As soon as the pokeweed reemerge or sprout you must pull them out from its roots. Use shovel to loosen soil and pull out more remains of the pokeweed. Rake all the remains of the poke weed and sundry them. Persistence is extremely important for getting rid of the pokeweed. Pull out each an every flesh or ball of root from the soil. Dig up a circle around the plant that has been pulled out and then shuffle the soil to rake all the remains of the pokeweeds. In the last make sure to dispose them of properly after it has been sundried.

Other tools like, axe, machete and many more can be used in replacement of the advance equipments if you do not own one.

Poking the pokeberry

Procedures and techniques need to be  carried out effectively with some patience and persistence. The pokeweed will be eradicated and there will be no risk of any one of us getting poisoned by the forbidden berries.  For more helpful lawn care advice, please reach out to us with your questions at askapro@solutionsstores.com, call us at 800-479-6583, or start a live chat with us online.


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