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Diquat is a fast-acting aquatic & landscape herbicide that kills both weeds and grasses. It is used frequently in the agricultural industry and also has a number of outdoor residential weed control applications.

Solutions Pest & Lawn has a number of products in our herbicide inventory which contain diquat and we highly recommend this product to our customers who own ponds or manage bodies of water. On this page you can learn some interesting facts about dicamba, it’s mode of action and benefits. You can also access this page to shop our entire line of products which contain diquat.

What Is Diquat?

Diquat (chemical name: 6,7-Dihydrodipyrido[1,2-a:2',1'-c]pyrazinediium dibromide) is is a nonvolatile herbicidal chemical for use as a general herbicide to control weeds in commercial greenhouses and nurseries; ornamental seed crops (flowers, bulbs, etc. - except in the state of California); landscape, industrial, recreational, commercial, residential, and public areas; turf renovation (all turf areas except commercial sod farms); dormant established turfgrass (bermudagrass, zoysiagrass - nonfood or feed crop); and aquatic areas.

Diquat was originally registered by the EPA in 1986, diquat was reregistered in 1995 and is currently being reviewed again. It is sold for agricultural and household uses as well as for use on certain floating-leaf and submersed aquatic plants and some algae. 

Diquat dibromide is a colorless to yellow crystal that is red when mixed as a solution. It is odorless. It is highly soluble in water and has a high affinity for soil The aquatic formulations are liquids: two of the more popular products are Reward and Weedtrine-D (both of which we have in stock here at Solutions Pest & Lawn)

How Does Diquat Work?

Diquats mode of action involves disrupting cell membranes and interfering with photosynthesis. It is a non-selective herbicide and will kill a wide variety of plants on contact. It does not move throughout the plants, so will only kill parts of the plants that it contacts. Following treatment, plants will die within a week. 

Diquat acts quickly and kills on contact, causing injury only to the parts of the plant to which it is applied. It is non-selective, meaning that it does not spare 'nontarget' plants from its herbicidal effects. Diquat is referred to as a desiccant because it causes a leaf or an entire plant to dry out quickly. It is not residual, or in other words, it does not leave any trace of herbicide on or in plants, soil, or water which helps to continue killing any other emerging plants. It is used to desiccate potato vines and seed crops for agricultural farmers, to control flowering of sugarcane plants, and for industrial and aquatic weed control.

Browse our selection of diquat contained products below. For more information about diquat or other active ingredients in our herbicides and insecticides, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with your questions at 800-479-6583 or email us at askapro@solutionsstores.com

Why Buy These Products

Featured Products Which Contain Diquat

Diquat Dibromide Aquatic Herbicide- Diquat is an industrial weed killer to control pond weed, pond algae, and other aquatic weeds. We carry Alligare Diquat which is a generic of Reward Herbicide and much more cost effective. Diquat is a weed killer concentrate that needs to be mixed with water before application. You will not find a safer aquatic herbicide to kill pond weeds and algae.


RoundUp QuikPro Herbicide - RoundUp Quick Pro from Monsanto combines glyphosate and diquat into one easy to use powder for fast control of tough weeds. It provides systemic post-emergent control of most annual and perennial weeds. The addition of Diquat allows for quicker weed absorption before rain can wash the solution away.


Reward Herbicide - Reward Herbicide by Syngenta is designed as a non-volatile herbicidal chemical for use as a general herbicide to control listed weeds in non-crop and aquatic areas. Reward L&A controls weeds by interfering with photosynthesis within green plant tissue; effects being visible within just a few days after treatment.


Weedtrine D Aquatic Herbicide -  Weedtrine D Aquatic Herbicide is a broad-spectrum liquid aquatic herbicide for use in and around still lakes, ponds, lagoons, ditches, non-crop, or non-planted areas controlling a broad range of filamentous algae and submerged and floating aquatic weeds.


Is Diquat Safe To Use?

As far as the environment is concerned diquat does not have any apparent short-term effects on most of the aquatic organisms that have been tested when applied according to rates on the label. However, certain species of important aquatic food chain organisms such as amphipods and Daphnia (water fleas) can be adversely affected at label application rates. Direct toxicity and loss of habitat are believed to be the causes. Diquat dibromide binds strongly with soil, and has a low mobility in the environment.


Diquat dibromide is classified as having moderate acute toxicity. Diquat is known to cause severe skin and eye irritation and is toxic or fatal if absorbed through the skin, inhaled or swallowed. Wearing skin and eye protection (e.g. rubber gloves, apron, and goggles) to minimize eye and skin irritation is required when applying diquat.

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