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"After rodents have been controlled with Cholecalciferol, make sure to retrieve and bury uneaten bait to prevent children, livestock, dogs and other pets from accidentally consuming the bait."


For years, anticoagulants had been used to control rodents like rats and mice which had invaded buildings and households, but over time these rodents developed resistance against anticoagulant formulas and were steadily becoming less effective.

Rodenticide manufacturers tried to counter this resistance by developing what are called “second-generation anticoagulants” with the hopes that they would speed up the killing process. Researchers and laboratories eventually appeared to find an alternative rodenticide that possesses many of the beneficial attributes of anticoagulants but featured a unique mode of action to improve the efficiency of the poison to kill rodents. One such product which was worked on to be a viable alternative is Cholecalciferol (Vitamin D3).

Solutions Pest & Lawn proudly carries rodenticide products that contain the powerful active ingredient Cholecalfciferol. On this page, you can learn more about Cholecalfciferoland why it works so effectively to kill even the toughest rodent infestations as well as shop the recommended products we have in our inventory.

What is Cholecalciferol?

Cholecalciferol is a form of vitamin D, also called vitamin D3. Vitamin D3 kills anticoagulant-resistant rats and mice yet substantially reduces the risk of secondary poisoning of non-target animals. Cholecalciferol was first developed and registered in the 1980s by Bell Laboratories. In 1984, cholecalciferol was registered for use as a rodenticide.

Cholecalciferol has been used primarily against Norway rats, roof rats, and house mice.

How Does Cholecalciferol Work?

Mode of Action

Cholecalciferol is a single feeding rodent bait kills the rodent by causing internal bleeding. Cholecalciferol first enters the body via oral ingestion and initially accumulates in the liver. Once the rodent eats a lethal dose, their blood calcium begins to rise to a level that is lethal to the rodent.

Many critical reactions in the rodent's body require calcium. In addition to forming new bone, calcium is needed for, milk production, blood clotting, neuromuscular action and a host of other functions. Cholecalciferol interferes with these functions leading compications like kidney damage, heart problems and bleeding.

Benefits of Cholecalciferol

Cholecalciferol is a vitamin and is very effective as a rodenticide and can work much faster in getting rid of a rodent infestation than traditional warfarin. Use Cholecalciferol if you want a faster method of rodent control or would like to switch up to a bait when rodents have shown resistence to anticoagulant baits.

Drawbacks of Cholecalciferol

Cholecalciferol does not have an antidote and non-intended targets that consume it (like cats and dogs) could lead to life-threatening complications. Do not use Cholecalciferol without a tamper-resistant bait station.

Is Cholecalciferol Safe?

Cholecalciferol is safe when applied according to label directions. Treatment of cholecalciferol poisoning is difficult so preventing access to bait is critical. The risk of non-target poisoning is reduced by using cholecalciferol baits in bait stations or other dispensers on trees or posts where they are less accessible to non-target species than baits on the ground.

What To Expect

Chlorphacinone bait

Cholecalciferol is able to kill rodents with a single feeding. Rodents who ingest the active ingredient will stop feeding soon after as the symptoms of lethargy and other body complications and malfunctions start to affect them rapidly. Death can occur within a few days due to kidney failure.

We highly recommend when applying Cholecalciferol based rodenticide baits to the area to use a tamper-resistant bait station which we also sell. Products that contain this active ingredient should be handled carefully and as directed.

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Terad3 Blox Rodenticide - Terad3 Box Rodenticide is a natural rat poison containing vitamin D3 to control rodents resistant to anticoagulants. Great to use in any weather.

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