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How to Get Rid of Swallows


It’s one thing to enjoy a relaxing spring day on your porch, listening to the birds, watching your plantation finally bear the fruits of your hard work and watch neighbors go about their daily activities. Birds make your mornings so much better and refreshing when you have their sweet songs to wake up to. 

That’s where swallows come in as well. Most of the bird species are active throughout the day, feed and return to the nests at dusk. Swallows would sing throughout the night and make it difficult to fall or remain asleep, if they settle in close proximity to your house. They are found mostly in northern America. If you want to take proactive measures to control them, notice that they get active in January and migrate in June.

It gets frustrating when you have to constantly deal with bird droppings around the house. Bird droppings can be damaging to your property. You would mostly find them on windows, furniture, fences or pavement. If they start settling on your property and causing damage, you may have to deal with considerable renovation costs.

You may have to deal with structural problems if bird droppings, feathers and some parts of their nests run off into pipes. The surrounding air and food may become contaminated if they are not kept in check. However, consult the laws of your state before dealing with them because swallows are migratory birds. The law protects swallows under the Migratory Birds Act; therefore, killing them or their eggs is a punishable offence.

Your best bet to get rid of them is to try a series of measures over time to drive them away. Prevention is better than cure. The first step should be to prevent them from building nests near your house. You would find them with red faces, blue feathers and white front. They settle on your property if they find water or insects in abundance.

Keep a cat

Keeping a cat is a quick way to ward off birds and other pests. Cats would be roaming around the house and outdoors. Therefore, when they are visible, the pests and birds would avoid getting into your garden.   

Scarecrows can scare them off

There is no need to go through the hassle of buying scarecrows when you can totally make them on your own. If there are kids in the house, tell them to get to work for the fun of it. Get a wooden cross and place old rags filled with straw on it. Make one or two scarecrows and place them at a distance around the house, or where the birds usually come.

The wooden cross should be firmly placed in the soil as they get blown off or thrown due to strong winds. You would also have to replace it after it has rained. One thing to remember when placing scarecrows is that you should change the clothes every few weeks because birds and pests learn to recognize objects; therefore, they would get accustomed to seeing it every day.   

Eliminate their food sources

Sounds kind of harsh when it is fun feeding them and watching them accumulate in large numbers to feed.

However, if the swallows have been a nuisance to the property, stop filling the bird feed. Tell everyone else to stop feeding as well, at least on your property. If you want to feed them, take the feed far away from your house and enjoy watching them.

For outdoor dinners or lunches, make sure you clean up after eating. Don’t leave food leftovers or crumbs lying around on the table or on the ground. This would invite insects and pests to feed in your house. When you have insects, you are likely to get more birds. Limit the number of insects to limit the amount of pests or swallows.

Keep your outdoors clean

When your outdoors have rubbish or debris lying around, this is an easy invitation to the birds and pests. Naturally, when there are lots of insects to feed on, pests and birds would find settlement on your property.  

Use anti-bacterial surface cleaners to mop your pavements and other areas around the house. Clear the clutter, including logs or leaves. Seal the small corners around the house as that is where the birds or pests may go into hiding. With all that clutter, birds and pests are given a place for shelter to breed and expand their colonies.

Check the trash. Discard it every day. Don’t let it sit. Clean the trash bin every to remove foul odors of food that incite pests.   

Remove moisture

Keep the house dry. Let all corners of the house sun-dry. Swallows need water sources to breed and build their nests. Remove all standing water or excess water around the hidden corners.

Prototypes for decoration?

Animal prototypes can be extremely useful in scaring off birds. You could place them as decoration items in places around the house where they are clearly noticeable. Some larger birds are effective in scaring off little birds so you could place duck or owl prototypes, either by fixing them in the soil or on vertical posts.

It is better to use a combination of these measures in rotation and repetition unless you manage to get rid of swallows. Swallows get used to one strategy so it is better to use them together from time to time to keep them away.

Solutions Pest & Lawn Had The Best Products For Swallow Control

At Solutions Pest & Lawn, we have a number of great product which can chase and scare off swallows from your property. For instance, we have multiple repellent products like 4 The Birds-Bird Repellent Gel as well as 4 The Birds Liquid Repellent which can be laid out in the areas where you have noticed the most swallow activity. 

Another great repellent is a sound devices like BirdXPeller PRO Audio Bird Deterrent which contains recorded bird distress calls which will scare swallows. Lastly, you can scatter out a bird frightening agent like Avitrol which, when consumed, throws birds off their normal functioning and scares off other birds from staying in the area. Order them today and get them shipped to you fast and for free!


We hope this article helps you to get rid of swallows from your property. For more helpful tips and advice, call us at 800-479-6583, email us at askapro@solutionsstores.com or start a live chat with us on our website.


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