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Gilbert Manufactured Products

Solutions Pest & Lawn is proud to carry products from Gilbert, makers of what is regarded as the first insect light trap. Gilbert is a family owned business, much like we are and has been in business since 1967 and continues to deliver superior products for flying insect control. Gilber has a philosophy geared more toward professionalism and relies less on gimmicks to establish the science of insect light traps.

More about Gilbert

Gilbert was founded by Don Gilbert, who after working as a distributor for electrocuting light traps. Gilbert realized that there was a need for a new light trap design and after failing to convince the manufacturer he worked for in improving the design, he set out to do it himself. 

In 1967, Gilbert designed the first enclosed "escape-resistant" insect light trap. It was also the first light trap to obtain a U.L. listing. The following year, he came out with the first wall-mount light trap, which made it possible to place a trap down low where the fly is most active and responsive. In 1972, he patented the first glueboard light trap.

With an engineering background, he set out to pioneer a new industry. Gilbert is now one of the leading makers of fly light traps worldwide.


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