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How To Control Fruit Fliesfruit fly

Fruit flies are a common household nuisance, especially in kitchens and other areas where food is stored. As apparent by their name, “fruit” flies have a special place in their hearts for fruit. Rotten or fermented fruits and vegetables happen to be the go-to favorite for this type of fly. However aside from fruit, fruit flies also like to hang around drains, garbage disposals and cans or wherever there is food or filth.

The fruit fly is typically smaller than the house fly, spanning about an 1/8-inch in length including the wings. The most distinguishing feature of the fruit fly has to be it’s bright and bugged out red eyes. Another feature which makes the fly stand out is its tan thorax. Their abdomen is gray underneath and black on top. To the naked eye, fruit flies appear to be colored brown or tan. Fruit flies are active all year but are abundant in the summer time where they fly around and feed on ripened fruits and vegetables.

Fruit flies can be relatively hard to get rid of once they have entered your home and they have the potential to spoil foods more quickly through laying eggs on the item. No matter the case, fruit flies like to make themselves at home in any kitchen and will not easily leave as much as we would like them to.

If you have a fruit fly infestation in your home, you have options that are proven to eliminate them completely and Solutions Pest and Lawn can help you through our offerings of professional-grade products and easy-to-follow techniques.

Browse our recommended fruit fly control products below. If you have any questions or concerns regarding making an order or would like live DIY advice from trained pest control experts, give us a call, shoot us an email or live chat with us online. We’ll be happy to help out.

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How To Get Rid of Fruit Flies: 3 Step Solution

Eliminating fruit flies from your home doesn’t have to be complicated. The best way to tackle a fruit fly problem is a combination of preventative measures which includes sanitation and exclusion along with high-quality fly killing products which Solutions Pest & Lawn offers. Here are three easy steps you can follow to be fly free in no time. For maximum effectiveness, follow these steps in order.

Step 1
: The most important step to get rid of these pesky flies is performing a thorough cleanup of your home. Doing so will eliminate the breeding and food source within the home that is attracting fruit flies to begin with.  This usually may be garbage that hasn’t been thrown away, rotting fruit or vegetables in the home or any other attractive item. By simply tossing the offending item and sanitizing your living space, flies will no longer have the desire to be in your home and will go elsewhere.

Step 2
: There are a variety of products you can use to eliminate flies. For the quickest results, we recommend using a combination of fly lights (Mantis Fly lights), glue traps (Musca-stik) and fly baits. Traps and lights work well since they are a flying insect and are constantly on the move so it’s hard to get a contact kill. The traps we carry contain pheromones which will lure the insect towards it and once caught in the glue they can be easily disposed of.  You can also use a general aerosol insecticide spray like Novacide or fogger spray like CB PCO Fogger. These sprays kill flies on contact and are a good choice if there’s a lot of fly activity in your home and you want to remove them quickly. If you do use a spray or fogger, you may be required to vacate the room after treatment and ventilate the area before reentering.  What you choose depends on your personal preference and other circumstances of your living space. You can, of course, contact us if you want more detailed advice or recommendations.

Step 3
: Once the flies have been eliminated from your home, your work isn’t finished yet, in fact this step is an ongoing process. It takes diligent and consistent work to keep flies away from your home. This means cleaning up regularly, not letting foods spoil, discarding garbage from your home and changing garbage bags regularly along with exclusion measures such as sealing gaps and holes and any other points of entry into the home with caulk.

Follow these steps and you will be free from fruit flies in no time. 


Fruit fly problems are common in homes as well as in commercial food establishments, such as restaurants and cafeterias. Killing fruit flies and preventing future appearances is achieved by eliminating breeding sources as well as applying pest control chemicals. The presence of fruit flies indicates moisture and fermenting matter. Eggs are only laid where both of these criteria exist, and usually are relatively easy to identify as a source due to the adult fly activity.

More information on Fruit Fly Traps and Control

Common areas for infestations include drains in sinks, and floor drains in commercial places, as well as under appliances that tend to have residual moisture. Food can also accumulate in cracks, and under broken floor tiles, and attract fruit flies once they begin to break down. Cleaning is the first step in an effective plan for control, as well as trying for any moisture can dry out. Depending on the location this may not always be practical, but it is an important step in overall, long term control. Clean interiors of drains with special kits designed to easily access a floor drain, and clean under appliances and other stationery objects.

Insecticides for fruit fly control can be purchased separately, or in a convenient kit. Aerosol sprays are used to provide a fast knockdown, and can be used in kitchens and baths to treat infested areas and equipment. PT 565 plus XLO is an aerosol with the active ingredient natural pyrethrin, which will kill fast but does not leave a lasting residual. Next, an insect growth regulator, such as Gentrol, is used in conjunction to ensure any developing larvae are also eliminated. The Gentrol has Methoprene as an active ingredient, and this provides a 2-3 month lasting residual.

Vector Fruit Fly Traps and Bio Drain Gel are also included in our control kits, and are used to assist in the effective elimination and treatment process. Continued maintenance and cleaning is important, and use of the drain cleaners is found to eliminate many common occurrences.

Utilizing all of the tools and treatments above will get you on the right path to a fruit fly free kitchen and home! Eliminate and prevent fruit flies today with Solutions Pest & Lawn !  We know how to get rid of Fruit Flies, like the pros.


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