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How to Get Rid of Boll Weevils


Boll weevils are beetles belonging to the insect family. They are mostly found in North America, United States and Mexico. They usually infest crop land, infesting on cotton plants and mainly feeding on the cotton. The females lay approximately 100 to 300 eggs inside cotton buds, grains, barley, rye and fruits. The infestation of this cotton pest causes a lot of damage and loss every year. It can also be found in gardens, orchards feeding on plants and at times entering homes.  Other weevils are more likely to feed on flour, rice, oats and grains etc.   Floor Weevil, Rice Weevil, Bean Weevil, Wheat Weevil, Black Vine Weevils, Rose Weevil, White Pine Weevil and the Cowpea Weevil.


  1. Cleaning up for the weevils

Clean your pantry and throw away any expired or contaminated food.  For example cereals, pasta, fruits and bread etc. seal the food in the containers and freeze the food items that can be kept in the refrigerator. Heat up other food material like flour, rice and grains. It will prevent the beetles from feeding on the food and damaging it and kill any eggs or larvae that might be present in them. Vacuum the entire house properly and suck in any weevils that are hiding or seen scurrying around in the cabinets, cracks and crevices.

  1. Disinfecting the weevil infested areas

Once the weevils have been vacuumed dispose them off in plastic bags. The weevils leave behind chemical traces that can attract the beetles again.  Use a mixture of cleaning products and disinfectant to wash and clean the infested area and wipe of the chemical residue. Scrub and sponge properly.  Repeat the process after a fed to make sure all the chemical remains of the weevils have been cleaned out.

  1. Using insecticides on the weevils

PYRETHRIN: sprays and aerosol are preferably the best insecticide to be used for eradicating the weevils. The weevils lay eggs and drill holes inside most of your food. Spraying chemicals on the food that is harmful for you is not the best solution. Therefore it is best to remove the all the food empty the kitchen cabinets and pantry and then spray it with Pyrethrin. Make sure all areas have been covered. Leave the cabinets and all other areas that have been sprayed open for a few hours. Make sure all the food is placed in airtight sealed containers and canisters to make it difficult for the weevils to get inside. Switch the food and the old and new food item should not be mixed together. Few of the recommended products are: CB- 80, RIPTIDE WATERBASED PYRETHRIN ULV and KONK TOO.

D-FORCE AEROSOL: can be sprayed in areas where the nests have been formed by the  Weevils.

PHANTOM AEROSOL: apply the chemical in all the areas the  weevils have been spotted. The weevils will walk over the chemical. The effects of the chemical will take about 2 to 4 days. If your house is overpopulated with weevils this product will the most effective way to go.  

D-FENSE SC:  if the weevils are widely spread all over the house, it is better to use a stronger chemical concentrate. Use a spray to spread the insecticide on furniture, carpets, baseboards and all other areas the beetles have infested themselves. This chemical kills the bon weevil instantly.

GENTROL:  this substance is a protein that does not kill the weevils but prevents the eggs and larvae from moving to the next stage of growth. It curbs the lifecycle of the weevils and therefore and minimizes its population. It transfers from one location to another and has long lasting effects. Mixing Gentrol with Defense Sc gives the best results.

  1. Preventing and managing stock and weevil

Always buy food that comes in clear packaging and examine it for beetles. Freeze the freshly bought food material as it tends to kill the weevils. It can also be spread out in sunlight weevils dislike high temperatures and get eradicated from the grains. Avoid buying food in bulk and take out small portions of it. Keep it in airtight container and keep rotating the food. Discard the food material after some amount of time and make sure contaminated food is thrown away. Avoid mixing old with new food material. While using food material like flour, make sure to sift before use.

All areas should be kept clean and after every few day all cabinets, kitchen pantry should be treated with insecticide and cleaned with disinfectants.

  1. Lure the weevils

DAMP TOWEL TRAP: Preferably as a preventive measure make sure all cabinets and other areas are kept dry as the weevil like moist and damp areas to stay in. however if  the weevils have already infested your home you can trap the. Moisten a cloth or a towel and find all areas where weevils have been spotted. The moisture will attract the weevils and it will crawl onto the damp towel or cloth.  Close the cloth and catch them immediately. It can then be disposed of using insecticides or other measures.

PHEROMONE TRAPS: this substance comes inside a tube with a triangular tray. It has been designed in a way that it fits perfectly in the corner of the cabinet. The weevils sniff the pheromones and crawl into the trap. Eradicate the bon weevil after capturing it. Take a follow up after 2 weeks to capture more beetles.  


If you take all preventive measures and smartly buy and stock you grocery the chance of Weevils invading your pantry are less. Use the insecticides and the traps effectively to ensure complete elimination of the Weevils


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