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How To Control Cigarette Beetlescigarette beetle

Dried stored foods and products are all at risk for being invaded by pantry pests and the same is the case for tobacco, which has a bug which specifically targets dried tobacco leaves, cigars, cigarettes, or chewing tobacco. That bug is the cigarette beetle, which has invaded human dwellings and food storage areas for a very long time.

Oval-shaped, brown in color and between 1/8th of an inch long, cigarette beetles closely resemble the drugstore beetles. Cigarette beetles are not limited to just tobacco products as they will invade packaged foods and grains as well. Cigarette beetles seem to munch endlessly, eating seeds, seasonings like pepper and paprika and dried flower arrangements.

Cigarette beetles can be a bit tough to control with insecticides because they are also known to eat pyrethrum which is the main active ingredient found in a variety of pesticides. Cigarette beetles commit most of their damage while they are in their larvae stage. Female cigarette beetle can lay up to 100 eggs on the food sources where they gather at and when hatched, the larvae become hungry insatiable destroyers. Adult cigarette beetles are tremendous flyers and can come into the house and begin creating havoc in pantries.

If you’re concerned by an invasion of cigarette beetles, Solutions Pest and Lawn has the professional-grade products as well as helpful how-to advice to rid these pests once and for all.


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How to Get Rid of Cigarette Beetles: Solutions 4 Step Process:

If you have a cigarette beetle infestation, there is no need to panic because they can be managed with the right control and treatment approach. At Solutions Pest & Lawn we recommend a solid plan of action which includes a thorough sanitation of your pantry, chemical treatments and removal of infested and contaminated food. We have simple steps you can follow to eliminate cigarette beetles which you can follow below.

Step 1:  Identify the source of the infestation and remove the product immediately from your pantry or storage area. We also recommend that all already opened food containers you have be stored in airtight containers made of hard plastic. By doing this step you can prevent further infestation. You will need to completely empty out your pantry and check EVERYTHING. Completing this step properly and being thorough in your approach is half the battle. For the best possible results in eliminating an infestation, we suggest tossing everything in your pantry, even unopened new containers. Don't leave anything to chance.

Step 2:  Once you have decluttered your pantry and removed unwanted foods and foods you feel are infested, vacuum and clean the shelves and surfaces of the pantry. If necessary, use caulking on the cracks and crevices of the shelves and apply fresh paint.

Step 3: Apply a residual insecticide spray. An easy to use aerosol like Novacide Flea & Tick Killer or CB PCO Insect Fogger are excellent options then follow up with an Insect Growth Regulator Gentrol Point Source IGR, which is also available in an aerosol spray and has a crack and crevice tip for easy application.

Step 4: Finally, install pheromone specific traps to both capture cigarette beetles and monitor future pantry pest problems should they occur. These traps can attract and lure these beetles and has a glue that will trap them and can easily be disposed of. By capturing the adults you will prevent them from laying eggs and creating a new generation of contaminators.

Following these steps carefully and being thorough in your approach will ensure that cigarette beetles will no longer be a problem. Browse our cigarette beetle products below and as always you can contact us if you are in need of suggestions or advice, we are always available either via live chat, phone or email.

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