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NutriaHow To Control Nutria

You may have heard of common rodents like moles, rats, beavers but there is a less common rodent that can venture upon your property and become a troublesome pest. One such rodent is called the nutria. Nutria are large rodents which are native to South America. They were brought to the U.S. initially because of the demand for their fur. Since their introduction, they’ve developed into an invasive species that creates significant damage to various crops, vegetation, and wetlands all around the nation.

Nutria look like a mixture between a beaver or muskrat as well as a rat. These rodents are semi-aquatic and enjoy swimming. They have been nicknamed Swamp Beaver, Argentine Beaver and American Beaver. They have coarse yellow-brown to reddish-brown hair on their top coat, while their underfur is gray colored, dense and softer in texture. Nutria can grow to over 2 feet long and weigh over 20 lbs. Nutrias are also distinguished by their large incisors which tend to be yellow-orange to orange-red.

Nutrias usually stay in the wilderness and wetlands but will venture out into urban areas and farmlands when there is a shortage of food and then begin to forage. Gardeners and farmers usually feel the brunt of nutria damage as they dig burrows and consume plants, vegetables, crops and grains.

If these rodents have found themselves upon your land, it would be wise for you to put into action a control program to put a stop to them before they unleash a fury of damage. At Solutions Pest and Lawn we have the tools and techniques necessary to overcome this rodent and will share with you our tips and recommendations below.


How To Get Rid of Nutria - Solutions 3 Step Process

Nutria has been a problem in the states for quite some time and over the year there’s been a variety of products and methods to attempt to control this animal, however, not all of those ideas out there work. Here at Solutions Pest and Lawn our products and techniques have been tested and proven to be effective in eliminating pests and rodents and the same can be said for nutria. To control nutria we recommend a combination of repellents, traps and deterrents. Below we will lay out some simple steps to take to get tackle a nutria problem.

Step 1: The most effective method of preventing nutria from causing any more damage or destruction to your land is by setting a trap. We carry Havahart Live Trap which is a non-lethal trap which works brilliantly. However, timing and placement is key when it comes to getting the desired result. You will have to first observe the nutria behavior on your property and find the places where they have been the most active

Step 2: Once you are aware of the nutria’s general tendencies on your property you can place the trap down in an high-activity area where you hope the nutria will be caught and lay out some goodies for the rodent to be attracted to the live trap. Since nutria like to hang around water, you can create a makeshift raft and place the trap on it with hopes the nutria goes to check it out. Once caught, turn the nutria in to animal control or drive into the wild and release the animal.

Step 3: Repellents and Deterrents are also a good way to keep nutria away from your property. One product that isn’t meant for rodents but is proven to work to keep nutria from biting at trees on your property is 4 The Birds Liquid Repellent.This liquid can be painted or spray onto the tree and will discourage nutria from chewing on your tree. Another helpful repellent product is Nature's Defense: All-Purpose Animal Repellent. Scatter this product on your property and when nutria takes a taste of this repellent it will not want to stick around.

It’s that simple! Browse our nutria control products below. If you have any questions or would like some pest control advice, feel free to call us or email us to get expert advice and assistance from one of our representatives.

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