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Safety gloves and gogglesProtective Safety Equipment

When it comes to do-it-yourself pest control and lawn maintenance, we here at Solutions not only want you to get the job done right by providing helpful instruction and carrying the best products, we want you to stay safe while doing it. That is why we carry a large selection of protective equipment that we recommend you to use while handling chemicals and conducting applications of products when dealing with pests. Safety should be a main concern when deciding to do-it-yourself so you should go with a company that has safety high on their priority list as well.

Solutions carries protective equipment for your hands and eyes and even full body suits to protect you from insects like wasps and bees. Chemicals that are used to treat for pests or weeds are often toxic and can be harmful if they come in contact with your eyes, mouth or skin. Here we carry some of the most crucial safety equipment you need when executing pest and lawn applications.

Common Safety Equipment For Pest and Lawn Control

  1. Skin Protection Equipment- As mentioned above, many chemicals used in pest and lawn control are toxic and if there were to be a spill or accident and the chemical were to get on your skin, it can cause serious harmful effects so it is important to go into chemical applications with the right protection for your skin. Aside from the recommendation of wearing long sleeve clothes and long pants when applying chemicals, we also recommend coverage for your hands. That is why we carry Nitrile Chemical Gloves so you get complete coverage for your skin.

  2. Eye Protection Equipment-  The eyes are very sensitive to chemicals and can quickly get irritated when sprayed around and there isn’t proper protection in place. When applying chemicals in a tight space that isn’t well ventilated and there isn’t protection being worn for the eyes, the risk of damage to the eyes can be severe. That is why it is wise to purchase protective plastic goggles whenever you apply any of the chemicals we carry. Protective goggles are very cheap and affordable and are a part of our Homeowner Chemical Safety Kit.

  3. Protective Mask Equipment- Chemicals that get into breathing passageways are also another harmful hazard that can take place when applying pesticides and herbicides. To keep your lungs safe when applying these chemicals or for when trying to tackle home issues like mold and fungus, a respirator or mask would be best.

Browse our safety products below and if you need any assistance call us at (800) 479-6583 or send us an email at askapro@solutionsstores.com and we will help you with whatever questions you have.

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