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Solutions Pest and Lawn is proud to carry products from Qualipro, which is a brand developed by Control Solutions.  Quali-pro's sports turf and lawn care products are among best in the industry the and work effectively to keep turf and landscapes looking their best for homes and places of business.

Quali-pro has gained acclaim for offering powerful, dependable products while consistently breaking new ground in lawn care technology. From improving golf courses to disease control and insect control on grasses and turfs, you can rest assured that you are getting high-quality chemicals that deliver satisfying results.

About Quali-Pro

During the first seven years of their existence, Quali-Pro has been able to introduce post-patent formulations that are better than the original products. Since day one, Quali-Pro has been taking full advantage of the latest technologies to deliver products featuring formulation quality second to none for performance results that are basically better than the competitive products they replace. Their parent company, ADAMA formerly Makhteshim-Agan Industries, is the largest post-patent manufacturer and formulator in the world, putting Quali-Pro in a unique position among post-patent companies. You’ll discover Quali-Pro delivers the products and performance you expect –– featuring quality that’s Basically Better than the original registrant – backed the full support of their Sales and Technical Services.

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