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How To Control SparrowsSparrow

Sparrows may be pleasant for bird watchers to look at from afar but up close, especially around your home and yard, they can become a particularly irritating problem.  Sparrows are an irritating plump bird which can cause destruction to your gardens and flower beds as well as set up nests around your home where they can reside and bring their friends along for a sparrow party. Once sparrows have found a place they enjoy, they will begin to swarm the area in large numbers. In recent years, sparrows have become an increasingly irritating problem especially in cities where sparrows hang around buildings and neighborhoods--basically anywhere that they are close to human dwellings.

Sparrows are rather aggressive birds and can gather in large numbers in trees above cars. This likely results in them defecating an excessive amount of droppings which can make for an irritating and unsanitary situation which would require resources spent on cleaning and repair. Sparrows are also notorious for weaseling their way into openings in the home and making nests in crevices of structures, dryer vents, attic vents, sheds, barns and chimneys.

If you’ve been plagued by a sparrow infestation on your property there is a Solution for you to get rid of sparrows. Here at Solutions Pest and Lawn we have a wide selection of products and methods that will help you put an end to those frustrating sparrows and keep them away. Read on below to learn how to safely and effectively control this nuisance bird.


How To Get Rid of Sparrows - Solutions 4 Step Guide

Sparrow control can be rather tricky if you don’t approach it the right way or do not have the proper products that will help you in your cause. At Solutions Pest and Lawn, we have skilled pest control professionals and entomologists on staff who can point you in the right direction when it comes to techniques and products which actually work and are humane. For sparrow control, we suggest a control program which combines repellents and deterrents for best results.

Step 1: In order to get rid of sparrows, you need to first assess the environment and their behavior. By observing the birds closely and getting an idea of their behavior and jotting down their flight patterns, how they enter and exit, what times are they most active and their other feeding and nesting habits, you can then go about manipulating the environment to make it unappealing to sparrows.

Step 2: Put into place some exclusion and preventative measures by sealing off points of entry and making the environment less welcome to sparrows. This can be achieved by doing things like trimming and pruning tree branches which is a common area where sparrows like to gather. Sanitation is also effective. Start by clearing off droppings and food sources like garbage that sparrows like to look into in their search for food.

Step 3: Repellants are likely the best method to keep sparrows away from your property. We have multiple repellent products like 4 The Birds Liquid Repellent which can be laid out in the areas where you have noticed the most sparrow activity. These products will make residing in the area uncomfortable and unsavory to sparrows. Typical places to apply these products include window sills, roof ridges, gutters, parapets and ledges.

Step 4: A few other repellent options which are effective include sound devices like BirdXPeller PRO Audio Bird Deterrent which contains recorded bird distress calls which will scare sparrows off from the area. A bird frightening agent like Avitrol is also a great deterrent of sparrows as it produces symptoms which throws birds off their normal functioning and scares off other birds from staying in the area. Another good tool is the Bird Barrier Zon Scare Gun Propane Cannon which makes thunderclap noises to scare off sparrows.

By following these simple steps, your home or place of business will become free of sparrows. Browse our sparrow control products below and if you have any questions or concerns about your order or you need advice on control from a live expert, feel free to reach out to us via email or phone. We are ready to assist you with whatever you need!

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