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How to Get Rid of Broomsedge

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Farmers and those who raise livestock share a common enemy on their ranges and pastures and that enemy goes by the name of broomsedge. Broomsedge sticks out like a sore thumb on ranges as it looks like grass but is distinguished by it’s ugly orangish-brown color. Broomsedge is a fast grower that is known to spread over agricultural sites, especially in the springtime. Livestock don’t like to eat broomsedge because of it’s poor quality and lack of nutritional value, earning it the nickname “poverty grass”. Broomsedge can become a really irritating problem on agricultural lands and as such, an effective management program would be necessary to remove this weed.

The experts here at Solutions Pest and Lawn have done the research and trials to find the best method and herbicide application for this hard to manage weed and here we will share with you what we have learned so you can eradicate this pesky invader from your lawn.

Broomsedge background Information

Broomsedge (Andropogon virginicus) is a perennial native weed. Despite it’s name, it’s not actually a sedge, rather, it’s a grass. It is easily identified by hairy, flattened leaf sheaths growing from a basal crown with folded young leaves. When it is mature it is brown and dry compared to bluish green when young. It’s name is derived from the fact that in the past when plant reached it’s reproductive stage, broomsedge produced a golden stem that was often cut, bound and used as a broom.

Broomsedge thrives in grazed areas where it can quickly take over because grazing animals tend to avoid broomsedge. This results in grazing animals turning their attention to the more desired vegetation in the area and depleting those sources, leaving broomsedge to thrive and survive in the environment.

Broomsedge that is growing on lawns are much easier to control than in pastures and the best way to do so on lawns is through cultural methods which allow the turf grass to become thick and nutrient-rich, thus aiding in broomsedge control by choking it out of the landscape.

How Best Way to Control Broomsedge

Recommended Pre-emergent and  Post-emergent Herbicides:

The best way to keep broomsedge out of your land is through improving the quality of your soil through fertilization and creating a lush green landscape that will not allow broomsedge to thrive. Broomsedge grows best on soil that is in poor quality and actually disperses an allelopathic chemical that keeps desired plants from growing in the area.

Broomsedge can show resistance to common herbicides. Based on trials that we have done the above herbicides are the most successful in treating Broomsedge. Keep in mind that while Hyvar is a selective herbicide, Glyphosate is a non-selective herbicide and thus is a kill-all treatment. Use glyphosate as a spot treatment and be careful not to get the chemical on any of your desired vegetation. Repeated application may be necessary so don’t assume that things will be “one and done”.

Timing and persistence is important when it comes to treating hard to manage weeds such as Broomsedge. For best control, make sure to treat Broomsedge early and often. Well-timed early season applications provide the most consistent weed control and will do the most to discourage the weed from developing a resistance. If you are patient and persistent in managing the pasture correctly, broomsedge will most likely disappear.

Broomsedge Treatment Tips and Recommendations

  • Want to achieve the best possible results in your herbicide treatment application? Use a surfactant  and mix it with your selected herbicide to combat surface tension and runoff when spraying your targeted Broomsedge weeds.

  • Excessive spraying could burn your grass. Make sure to not overspray by using a spray pattern indicator so you can mark where you have sprayed.

  • Herbicide chemicals have the potential to harm or irritate skin on contact. When handling any weed killing chemicals be sure to wear the right protective equipment to cover your skin, eyes, nasal openings and mouth.

  • Are you a more visual learner? We have informative How-To Videos which show you step-by-step what to do and how to properly apply herbicide to a variety of weeds.

For more information on controlling broomsedge on your lawn and to get expert advice on your specific lawn maintenance or pest control issues, contact us at askapro@solutionsstores.com or call our customer service line at (800) 479-6583.

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