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How To Control Clover mitesclover mite control

While they are bright red and small and look similar to chiggers and similar blood-sucking mites, clover mites are actually not blood feeders at all and are harmless to humans. However, what they are not harmless to are plants. Clover mites are known to eat garden plants and grasses and when there is an infestation of them afoot, their tiny bites can really add up and do some damage. Clover mites are known to invade homes in large numbers and can be a particularly troublesome pest during the colder weather months when they try to venture on indoors for warmth and shelter. When these bugs are smashed, they leave an annoying red stain.

Clover mites (also known as red clover mites) are oval shaped, eight-legged, red colored mites that are about as small as a pinhead. They are called clover mites because they primarily feed on clover but are also know to eat other lawn grasses, various trees, ornamental plants, and shrubs. Because of their small size they do not cause much damage individually but can turn grasses or leaves a silvery color because of the sap sucked up from the plants. Because they are so tiny, their small size makes it easy for them to enter into homes, however, they eventually die out in homes because there usually isn’t plant life for them to eat nor do they feed on blood.

Clover mites can often be found in very large populations in the grass next to foundations of buildings or anywhere they can find a safe place to hide, like walls, windows, and tree trunks. If you have clover mites and want to get rid of them, Solutions Pest and Lawn can provide you with the necessary tools to eliminate them for good.

Browse our clover mite control products below. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach us via phone, online live chat or email. We will be happy to assist you with whatever you need.

How To Get Rid of Clover Mites: 3 Step Solution

Getting rid of clover mites, especially if they have found their way indoors, will not be an easy task depending on the situation. If they have only been found outside, then merely treating outdoors is enough and will be easy, but if they have entered the home you will have to treat both outdoors and indoors. Solutions has the best products available on the market to take care of clover mites as our products are professional grade and are not sold in local big box stores or garden centers. We have laid out a three step program below on how to get rid of these bugs successfully.

Step 1: First and most importantly, you have to first survey your home with a careful inspection to see where the clover mites are. Depending on if they have made their way inside or are mainly residing outside, your treatment approach will vary. Check your walls cracks and crevices and windows. Outdoors check your grass. They are speck-sized so check your lawn and garden for any damage for an indication of where they are or where they frequently travel.

Step 2: Outdoors, we suggest spraying a product containing bifen around your turf and garden can help kill the outdoor mites. Alternatively, you can use insecticide granules and spread them around your outdoor turd using a granule spreader. Spray around areas where they have been concentrated and also use the same product to create a barrier around your home to discourage clover mites from trekking their way indoors.

Step 3: If clover mites have already made their way indoors in your home, don’t panic as they can be easily treated with insecticide spray. Spray them directly and make sure to spray walls and siding as these are where they tend to crawl around. Treat your home regularly until you do not see any further clover mite activity. To be on the safe side, apply the product every couple of months to keep clover mites out for good.

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