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Microencapsulated Pesticides

Microencapsulated pesticide formulations have been rapidly increasing in popularity in the pest control industry over the years and for good reason. Pest control professionals love the excellent knockdown microencapsulated products deliver to pests. Not only are these insecticides effective, they are also safer for the environment compared to older chemicals designed for pest control. 

At Solutions Pest & Lawn we carry a wide selection of professional grade insecticides which are microencapsulated. While pest control professionals use this when conducting their services, these products are now available to the average DIYer who wants to protect their home from the most common household pests.  On this page, we will briefly fill you in about what microencapsulated insecticides are, why they are so beneficial and how to properly apply them for successful pest control around your home. You can also check this page to see all our top expert recommended microencapsulated pesticides and shop for them conveniently.

What is a microencapsulated insecticide formulation? 

Microencapsulated pesticides are insecticides where the pesticide active ingredient (whether dry or liquid) is covered (or encapsulated) by a protective coating (polymer). The coatings may be plastic, starch, or some other type of material. Microencapsulated pesticides are mixed with water and applied as a spray just like any other sprayable pesticide formulation. 

After spraying, the plastic coating of the microencapsulated pesticide breaks down and releases the active ingredient contained inside the capsule. In some situations, the encapsulation process can provide “timed” slow release of the active ingredient.

Depending on the physical makeup of the coating, release of the pesticide active ingredient may depend upon the weather of the environment. If the release is slower than usual (for reasons such as dry or cool weather), residues may remain on treated plants or surfaces longer than expected. Other factors which can be altered depending on the chemistry of the polymer or changing factors in the processing is the residual effect of the insecticide, the speed of action, odor as well as safety of the product. 

The microcapsules are suspended in the liquid base of the formulation so that the final formulation is a flowable suspension. The formulation is then mixed with water and requires regular agitation to prevent capsule from settling out.


Ideal Conditions To Use Microencapsulated Pesticidesmicrocap uses

Microencapsulated pesticide formulations are great for both general indoor and outdoor pest control because of their long residual effect and quick knockdown of a number of different pests.


Microencapsulated insecticides can be used to treat pests in agricultural, ornamental and turf, forestry, structural (residential and commercial) food processing, livestock and public health settings. They are also versatile in the kinds of equipment they can be applied in--from small, portable sprayers to hydraulic sprayers, low-volume ground sprayers, mist blowers and low-volume aircraft sprayers.


There are several reasons you may choose a liquid insecticide which is microencapsulated. We recommend using them for general pest control for insects found around your household. One particular use of applying microencapsulated insecticides is when setting up a pesticide barrier around the perimeter of your home or building.


Some microencapsulated pesticide products contain highly toxic materials with a coating to increase handler safety. Others are microencapsulated for different reasons; for example, to reduce staining or odor or to protect the active ingredient from photodegradation.


Benefits of Using microencapsulated insecticide formulations

Microencapsulated pesticides have a number of benefits that give them the advantage over conventional methods of liquid pesticide applications. For one, highly toxic chemicals can be mixed and handled safely because the plastic polymers coatings help protect the applicator from the pesticide exposure.


Much like wettable powders, microencapsulated insecticides perform well on both porous and nonporous surfaces because insects readily “pick up” capsules from treated surfaces, for instance, adhering to the spines of an insect's leg, hence enhancing control of the insect.


The delayed release of active ingredient prolongs effectiveness, resulting in fewer and less precisely timed applications.

Other benefits include: Reduced volatility, making it so less is lost from the application site, allowing for greater effectiveness.  Also, reduced odor and less of a likelihood to stain or otherwise damage treated surfaces. Microencapsulated products also often reduce injury to plants due to phytotoxicity.


Drawbacks of Microencapsulated Insecticides 

A few disadvantages that come with using microencapsulated insecticides include it being necessary for the formulation to be constantly agitated in the spray tank (depending on the properties of the coating).


Other disadvantages include the probability of highly toxic microencapsulated pesticides being very hazardous to bees if the particles do not break down quickly and are the same size as pollen grains. Foraging bees may collect them and carry them back to the hive. Later, when the coatings break down and release the pesticide, the colony may be poisoned. Some microencapsulated soil-applied products may be more prone to leaching.

Popular Microencapsulated Pesticide Products We Have In Stock

Cyzmic CS - Cyzmic CS (comparable to Demand CS) is an odorless micro-encapsulated insecticide with lambda-cyhalothrin that controls many pests around homes and buildings including crazy ants, and mosquitoes. Cyzmic CS uses "cap-vantage" technology to make this insecticide safer to mix and apply. It is sometimes spelled Cysmic CS Insecticide.

Fenvastar EcoCap - FenvaStar EcoCap is a superior, long-residual pyrethroid spray for fleas, cockroaches, bed bugs, and many other structural and turf pests. It contains the time-tested active ingredient esfenvalerate in a contemporary formulation for rapid knockdown of targeted pests. EcoCap technology utilizes vegetable oil instead of petroleum products to provide long lasting residual with less harm to the environment. Never before has a pyrethroid spray been so effective while still going green.

Tempo SC Ultra - Tempo SC Ultra is the fastest acting insect control on the market. This suspension concentrate delivers the power of a powder formulation in a liquid. It is easier to use, less messy to handle, needs less agitation and is more evenly dispersed during application.

Cy-Kick CS Cyfluthin Insecticide - CyKick CS is the most popular insecticide to control scorpions around the home. CyKick uses b-cyfluthrin insecticide in a micro-encapsulated particle to provide a 90 day residual control of pests around the home.

how to use microcapHow to use Microencapsulated Pesticides

1. Start by shaking the product bottle of microencapsulated insecticide well.

2. Add the required amount of CS concentrate to a hand pump sprayer that has been filled with a half gallon of water.

3. Agitate the sprayer and then add the remaining half gallon of water and agitate again to ensure the products property mixed.

4. For indoor applications, spray the  solution  in cracks and crevices, on door frames, window frames, baseboards, around pipes, and under cabinets and appliances.

5. For outdoor applications spray the solution 3 feet up the side of the structure and 3 feet out onto the ground to create a barrier for crawling pests.


Shop our selection of microencapsulated pesticide products on this page and if you ever need help selecting the best product for you, call us at (800) 479-6583 contact us at askapro@solutionsstores.com or live chat with us on our website and we’ll be glad to help.

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