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How To Control EarwigsEarwig

With their pinchers at the end of their abdomens and their rather creepy appearance, they may not look like it, but earwigs are practically harmless to humans. However, the presence of earwigs on a property can become a nuisance especially if there is a large infestation of them.

Earwigs are a common garden pest found throughout North America. They have glossy, flattened bodies which are usually are brown to black in color and measure ½ to 1 inch long, and they are distinguished by their pair of curved pincers or forceps which emerge from the tip of their abdomen. There are over ten different species of earwig found in the United States with 4 of them being the most common in invading homes.

Earwigs are omnivorous and will eat just about anything. At worst, they can create some minor to moderate damage to plants found in gardens which can make them an irritating pest. Earwigs can also infest areas of a home, particularly where there is moisture because they are quite fond of damp areas. Homeowners will find them in basements, garages, hot tubs, pools, bathrooms and just about any part of the home where the conditions are right.

At Solutions Pest and Lawn, we have all the tools necessary to eliminate this icky and frustrating pest and can also provide you helpful advice online, live in person at our stores or over the phone to guide you through an effective treatment process to get rid of earwigs from your property.

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How To Get Rid of Earwigs - Solutions 3 Step Process

Getting rid of earwigs may prove to be quite difficult because they are nocturnal insects. For best results, Solutions experts recommend that a combination of both chemical and organic control methods be applied to achieve total elimination of the insect.  While using the professional-grade products we provide can go a long way in reducing the earwig infestation, to achieve long-term control you will have to make your property less appealing to earwigs to get rid of them completely.


Step 1: Reduce areas of moisture around the home. Because earwigs have an affinity for moisture, it is important to eliminate high moisture areas. Earwigs flock to areas that are damp during the daytime around foundations, in mulch, under stones, boards, etc. By eliminating damp moist conditions as much as possible particularly around crawl spaces, faucets, and along the foundations, this can help greatly in preventing infestations.


Step 2: For areas of the home where you have found that earwigs frequent, you can set up traps to catch earwigs. One of the most effective traps we carry are B&G Lo Line Insect Trap. These traps contain a special pheromone which will lure earwigs looking for a meal and will trap them. This is good is your infestation is minor.


Step 3: For invasions in the home or outdoors in the garden, an insecticide containing Bifenthrin or permethrin such as Reclaim IT and Permethrin SFR can provide long lasting control. Mix these products into a hand sprayer and treat all around the foundation both indoors and outdoors. Spend most of your focus treating the outside. Treat around windows, doorways, garages, crawl spaces, around piping, vents, AC areas and water spigots.


There are also dusts which you can use that are effective in killing earwigs and keeping them away like Essentria D Dust Insecticide and others.


Step 4: Once the earwig infestation has been eliminated, put into place exclusion measures to keep earwigs and other small pests from coming into your home by placing tight-fitting screens up, weatherstripping around doors and windows, and sealing up cracks and crevices with caulk.


Browse our earwig control products below. If you have any questions or concerns, we are available via phone or online chat to help you with your order or give you advice on control methods.


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