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How To Control Norway Ratsnorway rat

Nothing can frighten a homeowner or business owner more than the sight of a rat scurrying around indoors. One such rodent is the disgusting Norway rat which is prevalent across all lower 48 United States, but is most concentrated around the coastal areas.  

Norway rats are also known as sewer rats and are large, burrowing rodents larger than another common rat known as the roof rat. They are generally bulky in size and are covered with shaggy brown to grey colored fur with gray to grayish brown underbellies. Norway rats weigh between 7 to 18 ounces and reach lengths of about 16 inches – their tails alone may measure more than 8 inches.

These rats can be a particularly major pest to have in the home as they are insatiable eaters who will gnaw non-stop which can cause significant damage to structures. These rats are also known to spread troubling diseases such as plague, jaundice, rat-bite fever, cowpox virus, trichinosis and salmonellosis. In addition, Norway rats can contaminate food and introduce fleas into a home. Norway rats also can create large litters which can get very out of control if there is no intervention.

If you have Norway rats invading your home, control measures should be a top priority. At Solutions Pest and Lawn we have all the products you need to eliminate these rodents and also provide free how-to advice from our DIY pest control experts.

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How To Get Rid of Norway Rats: 4 Step Solution

Controlling Norway rats doesn’t have to be difficult. Often times, a novice homeowner would just set traps and hope for the best with little success. By having a well thought-out plan to tackle Norway rats and putting into consideration their habits and tendencies you can effectively wipe out the rat invasion and keep them out. At Solutions Pest and Lawn, we not only have all the items you need to successfully put together a control program, but can also guide you with simple to execute advice. There are three main steps when it comes to eliminating a Norway rat infestation: sanitation, control methods like traps and baits, and then rat-proofing your home with exclusion measures. 

Norway Rat Control

Step 1: To start with addressing your Norway problem, you first need to do a thorough inspection of your home to see where the rats are hiding out and frequenting. This will also help you in deciding which areas would be best to set bait and traps. A few things to watch out for include: rat droppings, listen for squeaks and noises (particularly at night when rats are the most active), gnawing marks, burrows, runways, urine stains and foul odors.


Step 2: This step is perhaps the most important step to focus in on as the effectiveness of the bait products and traps you buy and use depend on a thorough and complete sanitation of your home. Rats are in your home in the first place because they have access to food and water sources that they can use for nourishment as well as shelter to stay warm. If this nourishment is taken away from them, they have little options and will be desperate and that’s when the power is in your hands. Sanitize your home by removing any food and water sources out in the open for them to enjoy. Reduce clutter as much as possible, vacuum, sweep-up and mop up food crumbs and grease and oils around the kitchen.


Step 3: Once a detailed sanitation and cleanup has been conducted, you can then lay out baits and traps. Norway rats will be eager to take any bait you leave out if you did a good job with sanitation as they would have little other options. Either starve or take the bait. We have a variety of control options to choose from, starting with baits like Eratication which should be placed inside an Aegis bait station. We also suggest laying out a lethal trap like the Snap-E Rat Snap Traps or non-lethal like a JT Rat Stick Glue Board. What you choose depends on your preference. Trapping is a better method to use indoors while baits are better to use outdoors because with trapping you can get rid of the foul smelling carcass with more ease.


Step 4: At this point, those Norway rats should be gone from your home. Don’t celebrate just yet as you need to carry out exclusion measures to discourage rats from seeking out your home again. Maintain a clean and sanitary home, take out trash regularly, seal gaps and holes in your home which would be used as a point of entry with caulking. You should also use copper mesh to place around plumbing pipes and wires to discourage rat activity.


Browse our Norway rat control products below and as always, if you have any questions or concerns or would like some more detailed how-to advice, don’t hesitate to reach out to us via phone, live chat or email.  CHECK OUT OUR NORWAY RAT CONTROL KIT

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